“Merry Christmas” Extension – TSpE Special Pt. 2

It’s head had mould into a superhero Patapon from the excitingly innovative, rhythm-based 2D action game Patapon 3. This time, the t-shirt even had a black Patapon imprint with a big, half-tilted face, an eye and the three-stick iron helmet. On the back were the words, PATA PATA, PON PON, CHAKA CHAKA, DON DON.

Held within its palms was a PS Vita with the videogame running, as the sounds of talking drums declared into its earbuds. A game based on tribal creatures and two Japanese onomatopoeias, pata (to march) and pon (to drum). Commanding an army via beating drums in a traditional manner. But with a difference, the drums were chanting words. Highly addictive. Up came the bubbles chanting along.

After spinning its re-attachable head with vertigo velocity, watched and enjoyed every moment of the 30 minute short film, The Snowman & The Snowdog. It fell asleep. Then suddenly awoke to see a large, brightly glowing Christmas tree. It’s eyes began to widen with emotion, as it stared at the tree. It was as if it had pupils that dilated profoundly, so human-like.

Dazzling. Heartfelt.
It’s head and heart began to glow beyond any limit.


“Merry Christmas” – TSpE Special Pt. 1

What were dreams made of? Well, it elaborated images into video motion like it were a motion picture. Having survived the placebo virus it was imagining what the real thing could do.

It dreamt the external black dots were as if micro atoms that possibly posed like the deadly, overwhelming dwarf geckos from Metal Gear Solid 4. Internally, it was probably like a segment from Digimon The Movie, Our War Game, a virus that consumed large amounts of data. In this scenario, the e-mail overload was enough to slow it down, it thought. The dream was playing out like A Scanner Darkly’s interpolated rotoscope-style animation.

It’s cord-thin neck elongated as it’s head shook sideways, like a bell. Flashing amber like a whirling beacon. An orange nose and a lime hat, even the buttons on the front. Now we’ve seen that before, haven’t we? It even wore a rendered imprint of it on it’s t-shirt. With a Snowdog on the back. It stood waiting. Excitedly. With a spread-wide smile.

Channel 4… The Snowman & The Snowdog.
“Scrooge, The Polar Express, The Nightmare Before Christmas…zzz… WAKE UP! Santa, the elves & his reindeers should be here…

Merry Christmas.”

The Concept of “Bulb” #WIP

Cecilia E. Page, a pregnant filmmaking graduate escaped days of abduction. Suddenly felt an energy absorb into her after waiting under a supernaturally glowing lamppost. She felt safe.

Tara L. Mars, an ex-forensic investigator and Alaric Park, digital painter have captured and killed David Lynch, a serial killer. The dead corpse suddenly gives off a sigh. Believing David is still alive, Tara and Alaric make sure he stays dead.

But then an Entity suddenly consumes the corpse. An LSD consuming, congenital analgesia suffering shape-shifter. A shape-shifter from the 70’s.

An absorbing Cecilia meets a guilt-ridden Alaric and soon, a troubled Tara. As they discover the secret behind the glowing lightposts, and hold off the shape-shaper.

The psychological, supernatural thriller-drama dubbed “Bulb” is a creative look into the supernatural, with darker undertones.

Pod – The diluted concept of p4

There were plans for a part 4, but the ideas, despite being innovative, didn’t seem effective. The author felt it would dilute the impact of Part 3.

OUTLINE: 3 days had passed after the events of Part 3. Dahlia awakens at the humming of a CD player shouting miles away. With no one around.

She remembers briefly that she had been abducted. And that when she awoke, she swallowed a keyring sized, bullet-shaped explosive device…

She forces herself to vomit the device out onto the floor, pushes down and twists it. It pops to a larger version, the size of her forearm. Removing the top she carries it with her. She’d seen it in action and knew of its power.

The device sends off a flashing amber beacon, calling out. Just as a set of aliens arrive at the site, holding the removed, top part of the device, she twists the centre-positioned red button. The lower part of the device go’s off like a nuclear explosion.

Despite writing this concept, it didn’t seem convincing. Thereby, discarded.

Alaric Park. #WIP “Bulb”

Alaric had been waiting in the balcony. His hair trimmed short and even dyed blonde, the roots were still dark. Tear-filled eyes refused to hold back. The emptied Smirnoff bottle laying around on the floor suggested Alaric had been drinking.

He wasn’t completely intoxicated but he was beyond vulnerable. The morbidly bad feeling that was churning deep in his stomach. A dreadful feeling surged through him. Saddening.

Held in one hand a drug pipe, and in the other, a lighter. He lit the drug pipe as he heated the subtending leaves of marijuana. Yes, marijuana. He probably might have been carrying it in his cylindrical bag.

He was suddenly mixing his alcohol contents with drugs. His life had been vandalised. Consumed by hallucinogenic euphoria.

His gravely staring eyes. Drooped with distorted reality.

What is Pod? – Theme

Warning contains spoilers. Take caution.

Innovative. Original. Intriguing. An experimental. A micro-fiction.          Pod is my brainchild.

It’s basically a sci-fi, but with a supernatural kind of feeling. The author wanted the micro-fiction to feel more supernatural despite a sci-fi narrative.

The author also wants to express a virus like theme within the narrative, such as the Pod, being a foreign agent, and the biohazard team, antibodies.

But as viruses eliminate antibodies, they take over the host’s immune system. Here, the Pod(s) take over, to initiate an invasion.

Authors interpretation of Pod

Warning contains spoilers. Take caution.

We, as a reader know that Dahlia has moved into her home, the same night the events unfold – the Pod is found. First it appears as a small coke can, so Dahlia assumes.

Despite, introducing this concept as a micro-fiction, of two halves. There were ideas that were unexplained, such as the character, Dahlia.

A can be, free-spirited individual but is suffering from mental fragmentation. She therefore at first feels she was hallucinating, delusional.

She can see a “Pod”, but probably felt, this was her “Pod”. The protrusion of Dahlia, termed by the bullies at school. The fact is, Dahlia isn’t being delusional here, despite feeling so.

The pod is real. And each one has landed for invasion. The concept carries a end-of-the-world theme.


Dahlia is wearing a white t-shirt with the Stand Up To Cancer imprinted on the front, In Memory of…

The pod starts off as a small can – the first warning of invasion before again seen as a larger pod.

Despite an internal power cut, how did Dahlia manage to contact the quarantine team? Her cellphone didn’t switch on too. Only when she stepped outside, the cellphone switched back on.

After the amber flashing beacon, each Pod has generated a signal to the mothership, for invasion.

Last minute idea that was visualised during editing, was that an equipment was used which gave off high, soundless wavelengths. Generated from the pod, as if it was “communicating” out. This was not added to the final version.

Originally, there were plans a sound would blare as a sign that an invasion was about to happen. But one movie came to mind for this The Thing (2011). But this was dropped.

After watching the earlier first half of The Mist on Blu Ray, the klaxon sound effect was perfect for the story, and therefore was included eventually.

The concept of Pod was visualised 3-4 years back.

Pod was split into two halves. Completed late October 2012, in four days. Later underwent the editing process.

Planned for release early 2013, (not worldwide).


Pod was originally planned as a novella. But after reading established author Dionne Lister’s Undertow – Flash Fiction. The mental light bulb switched on.

Suddenly I realised that I should accept the challenge of writing a micro-fiction, (Introduced by this term from Dionne’s work).

The concept of Pod came to mind, for this, first time experiment with a micro-fiction structure.

Dionne Lister provided great editing improvements for the first draft of Pod. Also introduced to the role of an editor. Will always be grateful to Dionne for her time and guidance.

First time the author went out to find published authors via Twitter. With great hesitations.