Authors interpretation of Pod

Warning contains spoilers. Take caution.

We, as a reader know that Dahlia has moved into her home, the same night the events unfold – the Pod is found. First it appears as a small coke can, so Dahlia assumes.

Despite, introducing this concept as a micro-fiction, of two halves. There were ideas that were unexplained, such as the character, Dahlia.

A can be, free-spirited individual but is suffering from mental fragmentation. She therefore at first feels she was hallucinating, delusional.

She can see a “Pod”, but probably felt, this was her “Pod”. The protrusion of Dahlia, termed by the bullies at school. The fact is, Dahlia isn’t being delusional here, despite feeling so.

The pod is real. And each one has landed for invasion. The concept carries a end-of-the-world theme.


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