Dahlia is wearing a white t-shirt with the Stand Up To Cancer imprinted on the front, In Memory of…

The pod starts off as a small can – the first warning of invasion before again seen as a larger pod.

Despite an internal power cut, how did Dahlia manage to contact the quarantine team? Her cellphone didn’t switch on too. Only when she stepped outside, the cellphone switched back on.

After the amber flashing beacon, each Pod has generated a signal to the mothership, for invasion.

Last minute idea that was visualised during editing, was that an equipment was used which gave off high, soundless wavelengths. Generated from the pod, as if it was “communicating” out. This was not added to the final version.

Originally, there were plans a sound would blare as a sign that an invasion was about to happen. But one movie came to mind for this The Thing (2011). But this was dropped.

After watching the earlier first half of The Mist on Blu Ray, the klaxon sound effect was perfect for the story, and therefore was included eventually.

The concept of Pod was visualised 3-4 years back.

Pod was split into two halves. Completed late October 2012, in four days. Later underwent the editing process.

Planned for release early 2013, (not worldwide).


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