Pod – The diluted concept of p4

There were plans for a part 4, but the ideas, despite being innovative, didn’t seem effective. The author felt it would dilute the impact of Part 3.

OUTLINE: 3 days had passed after the events of Part 3. Dahlia awakens at the humming of a CD player shouting miles away. With no one around.

She remembers briefly that she had been abducted. And that when she awoke, she swallowed a keyring sized, bullet-shaped explosive device…

She forces herself to vomit the device out onto the floor, pushes down and twists it. It pops to a larger version, the size of her forearm. Removing the top she carries it with her. She’d seen it in action and knew of its power.

The device sends off a flashing amber beacon, calling out. Just as a set of aliens arrive at the site, holding the removed, top part of the device, she twists the centre-positioned red button. The lower part of the device go’s off like a nuclear explosion.

Despite writing this concept, it didn’t seem convincing. Thereby, discarded.


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