The Concept of “Bulb” #WIP

Cecilia E. Page, a pregnant filmmaking graduate escaped days of abduction. Suddenly felt an energy absorb into her after waiting under a supernaturally glowing lamppost. She felt safe.

Tara L. Mars, an ex-forensic investigator and Alaric Park, digital painter have captured and killed David Lynch, a serial killer. The dead corpse suddenly gives off a sigh. Believing David is still alive, Tara and Alaric make sure he stays dead.

But then an Entity suddenly consumes the corpse. An LSD consuming, congenital analgesia suffering shape-shifter. A shape-shifter from the 70’s.

An absorbing Cecilia meets a guilt-ridden Alaric and soon, a troubled Tara. As they discover the secret behind the glowing lightposts, and hold off the shape-shaper.

The psychological, supernatural thriller-drama dubbed “Bulb” is a creative look into the supernatural, with darker undertones.


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