“Merry Christmas” Extension – TSpE Special Pt. 2

It’s head had mould into a superhero Patapon from the excitingly innovative, rhythm-based 2D action game Patapon 3. This time, the t-shirt even had a black Patapon imprint with a big, half-tilted face, an eye and the three-stick iron helmet. On the back were the words, PATA PATA, PON PON, CHAKA CHAKA, DON DON.

Held within its palms was a PS Vita with the videogame running, as the sounds of talking drums declared into its earbuds. A game based on tribal creatures and two Japanese onomatopoeias, pata (to march) and pon (to drum). Commanding an army via beating drums in a traditional manner. But with a difference, the drums were chanting words. Highly addictive. Up came the bubbles chanting along.

After spinning its re-attachable head with vertigo velocity, watched and enjoyed every moment of the 30 minute short film, The Snowman & The Snowdog. It fell asleep. Then suddenly awoke to see a large, brightly glowing Christmas tree. It’s eyes began to widen with emotion, as it stared at the tree. It was as if it had pupils that dilated profoundly, so human-like.

Dazzling. Heartfelt.
It’s head and heart began to glow beyond any limit.


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