“Merry Christmas” – TSpE Special Pt. 1

What were dreams made of? Well, it elaborated images into video motion like it were a motion picture. Having survived the placebo virus it was imagining what the real thing could do.

It dreamt the external black dots were as if micro atoms that possibly posed like the deadly, overwhelming dwarf geckos from Metal Gear Solid 4. Internally, it was probably like a segment from Digimon The Movie, Our War Game, a virus that consumed large amounts of data. In this scenario, the e-mail overload was enough to slow it down, it thought. The dream was playing out like A Scanner Darkly’s interpolated rotoscope-style animation.

It’s cord-thin neck elongated as it’s head shook sideways, like a bell. Flashing amber like a whirling beacon. An orange nose and a lime hat, even the buttons on the front. Now we’ve seen that before, haven’t we? It even wore a rendered imprint of it on it’s t-shirt. With a Snowdog on the back. It stood waiting. Excitedly. With a spread-wide smile.

Channel 4… The Snowman & The Snowdog.
“Scrooge, The Polar Express, The Nightmare Before Christmas…zzz… WAKE UP! Santa, the elves & his reindeers should be here…

Merry Christmas.”


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