“I’m a hybrid.” – TSpE 4


Playing loud like it were a live symphony orchestra was Anthony Hopkins classical music album, Composer. The earbuds suddenly projected out like loudspeakers. Volume bars, sensors replacing ear shape flickered high or low and faded when adjusted. They seemed similar to hearing-aids.

Having watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, it felt very “sad”. Suddenly it’s heart-the flash storage blocks were showing up black, faintly in its chest. Having noticed this, and registered this into it’s CPU “brain”, it was time to delete the negative words and throw them into the trash can. Which was located behind its lower part of its head.

The black began to fade as it transferred behind its head, cleansing its pure “heart”. Once completed, out came an edge of a strip from the left side of its back-head. The ejection point, that too faded once used. Like an ink ribbon tape came the negative words. It removed the entire tape, finger sprayed it clean and inserted back. “That feels better, yep.”

. . .

Watch… CJ7 or Short Circuit?
Pop came the text bubble, “rubber-jelly like CJ7, Johnny 5 like build.” It’s face moulded to resemble like that of a baby. Smiling.

“I’m a hybrid.”


Excellent. : )

words on life and other strange experiences

Sternenklarer Mondgesang streift über gefrorene Ähren,

unterbrochen nur

von dem plätschernden Rinnsal des einst so mächtigen Flusses

kauernd wachen Eulen auf Ästen im Winterschlaf


The moons starlit song brushes over frozen ears

Only interrupted by

The purl of a once so mighty stream

Owls watching cowered on hibernating branches


copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

Over at dVerse tonights Bartender Frank had us write a poem

in another language, come over for a drink, enjoy the different varieties

of poetic endavours and maybe share one of yours…

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“Don’t call me Hal…” – TSpE 3


Synchronisation… Now accessible

Glad the antivirus was running, we wouldn’t want the rubber-jelly catch an infection. Stood in a t-shirt with the iTunes music library imprinted on the front, the tap album, drop came the music list. The T-shirt was moulded from its body actually. Held within it’s ball fingers was an iPad. Bluetooth switched on from the Maintenance Bubble, the tattoo-imprint was flickering. The music library on the iPad was now synchronised with the live-rendering t-shirt imprint, mimicking it as it shuffled through the music albums.

Seems the 2nd “videotape-upgrade” allowed it to perform synchronisation. Effectively. Successfully. Selecting one after another soundtrack which one to play more consistently, one that sounded more enjoyable. Next came David Bowie’s classic 70′s hit, The Man Who Sold The World, the title track. Wretch-twisting sounds and psychedelic rock. “Up for some LSD”, up came the text bubble.

The MP3 was playing through Bluetooth activated earbuds implanted deeper within its head, ear-areas. The lyrics were projecting behind the t-shirt. An instant favourite.

. . .

YouTube… Came a clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Text bubble popped again. “Don’t call me Hal…”

Curiosity filled it’s eyes.

Libster Award Nominee by Franzad


Hello! Ive just found out that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award By the lovely, pure-hearted Frazad (http://franzad.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/liebster-award/) Very kind of her. I would nominate her, simply because of her beautiful poetry.

Here it goes.

11 Random Facts About Me:

I sketched out a A3 size version of Pinocchio by observing an A4 cover. At age 8.

I was diagnosed dyslexic in 3rd year of college.

Struggled to read the time off my watch.

The first cartoon I saw was Tazmania.

Having watched and read movie synopsis on Sky when I was in high school, I was able to name the film, director, actor, actress when asked about a film. Even those that I had not seen, even those from the 60’s.

Was addicted to Goosebumps when I was in high school.

Watched BUFFY the TV series when it aired, and continued to watch it. When many others couldn’t keep my attention.

A Stephen King fan. And of 2012, Dean Knootz too.

Author Dionne Lister’s work inspired my writing work, I was able to express far more easily. When I struggled for years without guidance.

Studied foundation & 1st year of BSc Hons Psychology, knowing that there was no future for me in this career choice. I shifted to Science, because that was my element.

Had ideas for filmmaking, especially digital filmmaking.

Here are my nominations. Click on their links below and it will take you to their websites.

Dionne Lister http://dionnelisterwriter.wordpress.com/
Ksenia Anske http://www.kseniaanske.com/
Racheal McGillivary http://www.rachealmcgillivary.blogspot.co.uk/
Andrea Lynn Ford http://m.andrealynnford.com/
Caroline Rainbow http://carolinerainbow.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
Lindsey Pate http://lpate85.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1&zx=4b59031d3f6e2827
Jane Isaac http://www.janeisaac.co.uk/blog/
Alison Aldridge http://www.alisonaldridge.co.nr/
Fiona Chapman http://fionachapman.wordpress.com/
Clarabella http://poemsbyclarabelle.wordpress.com/
Andrea Goodson http://andreagoodson.wordpress.com/

There are many more amazing blogs, but it asked for 11.

11 questions for you:

What was the firts book you fell in love with?
The Beauty & The Beast

Who do you admire the most?
Those that inspire me.

What is you favorite genre of writing and why?
Supernatural drama. I’m a fan of Stephen King and enjoy the atmosphere, the unusually, intriguing feeling of the supernatural.

Why do you write?
I write to express my mental images, my unique sense of creativity. To stand apart with intrigue & innovation.

What is you favorite first sentence?
“They say every road leads home if you care to go there.” Odd Interlude Pt. 2

Horror or romance?

Are you the person you want to be?
Yes. I hope to grow better with age.

Which experience first made you aware of the shortness of life?
Hearing of those that passed away, that were much younger than me.

What is the emotion you fear the most and why?
Loneliness, I probably lose focus of life without the dear ones in my life.

What kind of traveler are you?
A time traveler, I travel through my memory timelines.

What do you desire most?
I have yet to experience life to answer that.

“I Dream Too” – TSpE 2


Charging… Status, 13% charge remaining…

The lime rubber-jelly body closed it’s eyes and gently began to fall “asleep”, out of boredom for the remaining charge time. Like human beings it was experiencing the occurrence of involuntary images. Only in this case, the images had been installed. But it was digital dreaming. It suddenly began to visualise each upgrade as a videotape, having watched a few Fringe Season 5 installments probably it was a fan of the TV series.

With the Wifi switched on it was capable of collecting many more images, hence further generating REM sleep like stages in digital dreaming. Collect. Create. Elaborate. So anyway, once seen it was installed. The label on this videotape read, Maintenance Bubble. And then it opened it’s eyes learning from the “videotape-upgrade” what to do.

With a tap over its transparent synthetic frontal lobe, came floating out into the air over its head a digital maintenance bubble. It seemed similar to the “popit” from Playstation 3 videogame, LittleBig Planet. Another CCE generated favourite.

. . .

It tapped at the displaying icons with its ball finger



Not activated

Text bubble popped above over its head.


Activating antivirus…


“Kool”, it smiled.


Shadows of the Realm on sale January 8-22

Hello my fellow friends, a dear friend and author Dionne Lister has a sale on her fantasy saga epic of dragons and adventure. That I truly and deeply believe can be adapted to film. Here are the following details:

Synopsis: Shadows of the Realm is an epic fantasy saga for teens and adults. Join Bronwyn and Blayke, two young realmists, and their animal companions, as they are forced to leave the only home they’ve ever known to undertake a dangerous journey towards Vellonia, city of the dragons.

The gormons are invading, slipping through the corridors between realms, and they want blood, lots of Talian blood. Will the young realmists learn enough of the Second Realm magic to prevail, or will everything they love be destroyed?

The first book in The Circle of Talia series is on sale from the 8th to the 22nd of January for the bargain price of $1.99 on Smashwords and Amazon.

Grab it and escape into an original and enchanting world filled with mystery, danger, dragons and adventure; you won’t be sorry!

Cover Reveal – Imran Siddiq’s Disconnect

Wishing him great success. : )

Dionne Lister - Author

My fellow author and friend, Imran Siddiq, has a new book coming out on the 22nd of Feb, 2013, and he’s had a cover done by a professional artist. I was more than happy to share because the cover looks amazing—if only more indie authors would go to as much effort. Congratulations Imran, it looks amazing!


In space, love has boundaries.

Dirtying fingernails in sewers is fast approaching worthlessness for Zachary, a 16-year old Underworld scavenger. When footage of an Overworld girl, Rosa, is discovered, his intrigue heightens at why she expresses sadness with a lavish lifestyle.

In meeting Rosa, Zachary is scorned by her opinion of the deprived. She pities him and provides a means for them to communicate. With time, friendship and something he’s never felt grows; love for another human. Knowing Rosa calls him when it suits her isn’t enough; he wants to meet her, but how? Relationships in…

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The Solar-powered Entity


A tall white package remained boxed. Untouched. About 3ft in height, square and wide. Well, what was inside the box? It could be anything?… But then, this was just too different to be anything, really. It possessed slender cord arms, a palm with three twig-like fingers of which, marble like balls were it’s fingertips. Could bounce up at you into a hug. Transform into a backpack for carrying around.

It’s neck would elongate, it’s head would squeeze in flat and move right and left. Like it were a huge lollipop waving at you. With a smiling face. A ball head-possessing two tattoo imprints on the back that flickered. Wifi and bluetooth.

Despite possessing a synthetic frontal lobe. Transparent. And artificial. The solar-powered entity wouldn’t be considered human, entirely. But it could smile. Embrace you. Not an alien. One that was developed by human, engineered by machine. It would assist and synchronize.

. . .

The box suddenly shook and fell to one side. The hinge popped from within and out came its ball head. Bouncing gently to a roll and into a stop.

With a smile. Bubbles of text popped over its head followed by a wink,

Kept you waiting?