What is The Solar-powered Entity (TSpE)?

A sci-fi with hints of surrealistic fantasy. It centres on an Entity that seems to possess a human sense of understanding. And like human beings, crafts human-like emotion and behaviour.

. . .

The original idea was conceived 8 years ago (in 2005), which was planned and developed as a novel. A novel based on six individuals, 3 males, and 3 females.

They were assembled to work in a technological white module room, with googles that could read or express their thoughts, (thoughts which was later seen in Quantic Dream CEO, David Cage’s PS3 interactive, psychological thriller, Heavy Rain).

Since the idea over time could not fully fledge out. It was later shelved.

. . .

What survived from this concept, was this Entity and the pop bubbles. Remarkably, the micro-fiction structure of 200 words (each installment) was prefect. And this format has generated great creativity, freshness to the series. Beyond what the initial idea was visualised.

It’s highly innovative and even makes several references to cinema, music, and many things that the author (myself) is a fan of, my favourites. This too is a hint of the creative freedom the concept has brought to the series.

The entire series was developed less than 3 months (mid Nov 12 to mid Jan 13), and composed on the 4th gen, iPad with retina display.

This 13 installment series can be considered a season 1 kind of structure.

The series is an online release on my WordPress,
Friday posts from Jan-March 2013.


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