The Solar-powered Entity


A tall white package remained boxed. Untouched. About 3ft in height, square and wide. Well, what was inside the box? It could be anything?… But then, this was just too different to be anything, really. It possessed slender cord arms, a palm with three twig-like fingers of which, marble like balls were it’s fingertips. Could bounce up at you into a hug. Transform into a backpack for carrying around.

It’s neck would elongate, it’s head would squeeze in flat and move right and left. Like it were a huge lollipop waving at you. With a smiling face. A ball head-possessing two tattoo imprints on the back that flickered. Wifi and bluetooth.

Despite possessing a synthetic frontal lobe. Transparent. And artificial. The solar-powered entity wouldn’t be considered human, entirely. But it could smile. Embrace you. Not an alien. One that was developed by human, engineered by machine. It would assist and synchronize.

. . .

The box suddenly shook and fell to one side. The hinge popped from within and out came its ball head. Bouncing gently to a roll and into a stop.

With a smile. Bubbles of text popped over its head followed by a wink,

Kept you waiting?


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