“I Dream Too” – TSpE 2


Charging… Status, 13% charge remaining…

The lime rubber-jelly body closed it’s eyes and gently began to fall “asleep”, out of boredom for the remaining charge time. Like human beings it was experiencing the occurrence of involuntary images. Only in this case, the images had been installed. But it was digital dreaming. It suddenly began to visualise each upgrade as a videotape, having watched a few Fringe Season 5 installments probably it was a fan of the TV series.

With the Wifi switched on it was capable of collecting many more images, hence further generating REM sleep like stages in digital dreaming. Collect. Create. Elaborate. So anyway, once seen it was installed. The label on this videotape read, Maintenance Bubble. And then it opened it’s eyes learning from the “videotape-upgrade” what to do.

With a tap over its transparent synthetic frontal lobe, came floating out into the air over its head a digital maintenance bubble. It seemed similar to the “popit” from Playstation 3 videogame, LittleBig Planet. Another CCE generated favourite.

. . .

It tapped at the displaying icons with its ball finger



Not activated

Text bubble popped above over its head.


Activating antivirus…


“Kool”, it smiled.


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