“Don’t call me Hal…” – TSpE 3


Synchronisation… Now accessible

Glad the antivirus was running, we wouldn’t want the rubber-jelly catch an infection. Stood in a t-shirt with the iTunes music library imprinted on the front, the tap album, drop came the music list. The T-shirt was moulded from its body actually. Held within it’s ball fingers was an iPad. Bluetooth switched on from the Maintenance Bubble, the tattoo-imprint was flickering. The music library on the iPad was now synchronised with the live-rendering t-shirt imprint, mimicking it as it shuffled through the music albums.

Seems the 2nd “videotape-upgrade” allowed it to perform synchronisation. Effectively. Successfully. Selecting one after another soundtrack which one to play more consistently, one that sounded more enjoyable. Next came David Bowie’s classic 70′s hit, The Man Who Sold The World, the title track. Wretch-twisting sounds and psychedelic rock. “Up for some LSD”, up came the text bubble.

The MP3 was playing through Bluetooth activated earbuds implanted deeper within its head, ear-areas. The lyrics were projecting behind the t-shirt. An instant favourite.

. . .

YouTube… Came a clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Text bubble popped again. “Don’t call me Hal…”

Curiosity filled it’s eyes.


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