“I’m a hybrid.” – TSpE 4


Playing loud like it were a live symphony orchestra was Anthony Hopkins classical music album, Composer. The earbuds suddenly projected out like loudspeakers. Volume bars, sensors replacing ear shape flickered high or low and faded when adjusted. They seemed similar to hearing-aids.

Having watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, it felt very “sad”. Suddenly it’s heart-the flash storage blocks were showing up black, faintly in its chest. Having noticed this, and registered this into it’s CPU “brain”, it was time to delete the negative words and throw them into the trash can. Which was located behind its lower part of its head.

The black began to fade as it transferred behind its head, cleansing its pure “heart”. Once completed, out came an edge of a strip from the left side of its back-head. The ejection point, that too faded once used. Like an ink ribbon tape came the negative words. It removed the entire tape, finger sprayed it clean and inserted back. “That feels better, yep.”

. . .

Watch… CJ7 or Short Circuit?
Pop came the text bubble, “rubber-jelly like CJ7, Johnny 5 like build.” It’s face moulded to resemble like that of a baby. Smiling.

“I’m a hybrid.”


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