“I, Infected” Part 1 – TSpE 5

So it stood surfing through digital films, random YouTube clips and MP3’s, collecting images that could form into dreams. So that when it fell asleep, it was still learning more about the world. Even in standby mode.

When it’s head suddenly shook sideways. Once, twice and then some more. Seemed like a sternutation motion, soundless. Curiosity took over. First a dot appeared on the chest. Slowly, the chest began to grew black, areas that’s shaped out to look like lungs. Most probably the antivirus went down. It was an infection. The 3rd “Videotape-upgrade”, update antivirus.

In order to reboot the system it had to run a full scan, which required approximately 3 minutes. It’s face moulded into a expression very similar to Playstation 3 videogame, Max Payne 3, scar’s on both sides of the face. And then it’s head popped out and bounced onto the floor. Two metallic visors clapped shut like a shield in front of its face, into a battle-face. It tried to pop some text bubbles but the functions had been corrupted.

The whole jelly body was turning black with corruption.
Excerpt the heart flash-storage blocks.

It suddenly occurred to it, an antenna.


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