“I, Infected” Part 2 – TSpE 6

It edged out from the top of its head, right side, followed by a cord. It was an antenna. It began to collect and interpret radio transmission. It’s memory RAM was inducing images from Michael Bay’s Transformers, and began to channel different voices to form sentences. Like Bumblebee. Shouting through loudspeakers after the earbuds failed to respond, even the volume bars. It “feared” any loss of data. The Wifi, the Bluetooth began to shut down along with the tattoo-imprints. The CPU brain was still intact. Partially. Probably?

The radio transmission crashed now. The battle-face dissolved away. The human being would find themselves in an extreme panic mode, wandering if the hard-drive crashed was their data backed-up? Just as the full-scan reached completion, it began to download an update and went into reboot mode.

It came back on, eyes out of focus. Running a list of viruses it managed to block. A virus that posed like a Trojan horse but was more like a placebo. Aid in activating future antivirus updates.

The black propagation was gone. Everything was intact. Wifi, Bluetooth activated. The heart was alive. Upgrade… successful.

Girl, Interrupted
Popped a text bubble, “I, Infected.”


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