“Odd Entity” – TSpE 7

Where was it? There was a security dome-camera like floating in the air. A giant sphere projecting several small window screens that posed as soundless monitors, playing out a collection of YouTube clips & Hollywood movie footages and stills. All sources collected from the internet on an iPad which was pretty much swallowed up, resting in the central core of this sphere. Still accessible. Within this black sphere there was a lime glowing eye, constricting and dilating. The PS Vita lay on the ground.

But the real question was, where was our Entity? It couldn’t have been replaced by this mysterious looking creature? An appearance that seemed quite like Ed, wise-ass Jolie Ann Harmony’s beautiful but creepy, scummy AI friend, Mr. Mystery a.k.a Ed. Gently circling around. It was soothing to watch.

Having read Dean Knootz’s Odd Interlude series, parts 1 & 2 on iBooks, our entity was actually still here. Mimicking Mr. Mystery or Ed. Why?

It was genuinely impressed by Ed’s positive portrayal in the novella series. An AI that provided valuable information and guidance to 12 year-old Jolie.

PS Vita… MGS Peace Walker
Pop bubbles followed, “What! Singing AI pods!… Dude, where’s my chips?”


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