“3×3 Genius” – TSpE 8

Those marble ball fingers lifted Erno Rubik’s genius puzzle cube off the floor. Stood with a Pixar Studios Wall-E imprint on the front and the once cold and hostile, EVE on the back.

Curiosity filled eyes. Popped a bubble, “…?”

The colours had been shuffled randomly. The first time it had seen it in physical form. The Entity had watched a few out of the 180,000 cube-solving, speed-cubing videos on YouTube. There it was held in its palms, simple as it seemed yet complex to solve. It’s ball head moulded into a larger, identical Rubik cube.

At a shuffle of a single cube face, eyes widened with intrigue. It’s head began to shuffle, rotate rapidly with great vertigo velocity. Shuffling constantly as it cycled through the many combinations, with after image flicker. Each move at a time.

The common person dancing on a trance-state ecstasy would have collapsed with dehydration. No cheating. The 74′ invented puzzle that become an instant, all-time selling cult toy held its attention. The 3×3 that could be solved in 20 moves, with 43 quintillion possible combinations.

YouTube… Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.
Pinhead declares, “give me the box…”

“I’m no pinhead. “


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