“Music & Lyrics” – TSpE 9

Those David Bowie mimicking eyes hid behind large, purple tinted butterfly sunglasses. The kind worn by Vidya Balan’s character in the Kolkata based, Bollywood’s landmark, Indian thriller Kahaani. It almost covered the upper half of its face.

This time it wore a t-shirt with an imprint of Search For The Sugar Man. Even with a Goldtop Epiphone guitar-used by The xx’s singer Romy Madley Croft. It added a heavy dose of soul, as music critic Aidan Vaziri quoted. Using only its fingertips as it played the guitar. It was a soundtrack from the recent Coexist album, Angels (Live In Tokyo) version.

It was soothing to watch and listen. An instrumental version, even if Croft’s cadence whispers projected through its earbuds. There was something about the sounds and lyrics that drew its attention. It was really the use of the word, angels. Suddenly it occurred to it, was someone watching over it? The PS Vita, the Rubik Cube were present whenever it awoke from its “dreaming”. Even the guitar.

It’s head tilted to one side, slightly down, peeking over the top of the shades through one eye.
There was a yo-yo.

A smile grew with pop bubble, “Maybe.”


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