“Holographic K” – TSpE 10

Max von Sydow’s Exorcist Merrin stood at the gates as white light flood through the window. That’s The Exorcist t-shirt projecting now. The next “videotape-upgrade” was Hologram. Eyes closed as its memory RAM cycled through several images. Tupoc’s holographic, posthumous performance at Coachella 2012 was a show-stopper. It wandered. And wandered. And that’s when it happened.

It was like watching a Japanese anime, eyes snapped wide open, pointed to the left then narrowed as its head quickly jumped towards the projecting hologram. It came as a jolt, the “!!!” bubbles popped aggressively with alert. Exist anime-style angle.

A hologram of a despairing Jason Miller’s Damien Karras began shouting the cult dialogues, “Take me. Come into me. God damn you. Take me! Take me!” Rushing at the Entity with frightening green-yellow demonic eyes. Arms intimidatingly spread wide open. Just as the holographic Karras passed through, he disappeared.

It’s eyes turned to demonic eyes.

On the right it stood cube-solving with the vertigo energy, after image shuffling-rotating Rubik head. And on the left it was experiencing the PS Vita. Patapon time.

It stood staring at multiplied holographic versions of itself.

“Don’t take me.” Popped the bubbles.


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