“I Am Сэм” – TSpE 11

Stood in front of a hologram transparent glass, a finger moulded into the tip of a lime marker pen. Right now, it wrote out the Fibonacci sequence equation, yes it was named after Leonardo of Pisa. There were many more equations filling up the entire glass, Euler’s Identity by Swiss-German mathematician, Leonhard Euler. E=MC^2, Einstein’s famous Relativity equation. To name a few.

Popped profanitype-expressed swear bubble.

No bleep censor required here, since it was a mute. And that’s when it occurred to it, “What was its name?” MJ, a pug, Software, Eiffel Tower, iPod, M&M’s, 67′ Impala, Hulk, Where Are We Now? had a name. Basically, everything. Author Dionne Lister’s epic saga Shadows of the Realm. Even NASA’s robotic Gale Crater exploring Mars Rover, Curiosity (T-shirt imprinted). So why NOT it!

After having formed dreams with Wifi collected information. Knowledge was vast. Music and movies was probably a better option. Not because they provided entertainment, but because the experience was immersive. It made you believe, and inspire.

Netflix… “Sam…”
Demi Moore’s Molly Jensen calls out to Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat.
Eyes grew with intrigue, it made sense. Bubbles popped.

“I am Сэм.”


2 thoughts on ““I Am Сэм” – TSpE 11

  1. Thanks Aamir! I’m honoured you’ve used my book in your story. Your creature is self-aware. I wonder what it will do with that self-awareness…

    1. You are very welcome Dionne!!! : ))) Thank you so much for this. I’m deeply honoured for having such a great mentor, dear friend and a wonderful human being as yourself. : )))) You made that big difference to my efforts.

      I’m working series 2, and with its self-awareness, I’m raising the bar for innovation. Sam has a ground-breaking journey ahead of it. : ))) Thank you so much Dionne. Always. : )))

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