“HurryUp, Sam’sDreaming.” – TSpE 12

Staring through those David Bowie eyes at the yellow ceiling of a cab, Sam was lying flat in the back seat. The ceiling then gently dissolved away, making way for the black sky. As the fluorescence from the neon advertisements gave way. It seemed like 東京都, Tokyo Metropolis. M83’s Where The Boat Go was playing in it’s earbuds. It was quite soothing to watching. But how was this possible? Sam couldn’t have teleported, right?

“HurryUp, Sam’sDreaming.”
Popped a thought.

The whole scenery began to move away from Sam’s vision, like it were escaping from him. Folding outwards. Tilting to one side like a cube. Something as similar in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. And suddenly, the hologram dissolved away completely. Back to white module. Somehow, Sam’s eyes began to project an image of a raindrop. The shine gave off a sense of tears stood in its eyes.

The white technological room seemed like a lab rat experiment. There was no fun. What was it’s real purpose considering the whole place was completely void. Non-exist of any person or thing. Why?

Sam’s back moulded into a backpack, PS Vita, Rubik Cube, yoyo & iPad equipped.

Sam had an idea.


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