“Teleport-Jumping Samternates” – TSpE 13

A security camera-head with a flexible neck-cord, silently made its way down. It’s view slowly zoomed-in at the Vita playing and Rubik-solving hologram “Samternates”. It’s glaring orange singular eye was cautious as it watched the Samternates pop! (teleport) in a random sequence, using one face side of a 3×3 Rubik Cube as a grid template.

Basically jumping from one square to a random. Pop! Vita-playing Samternate. Pop! Rubik-solving Samternate. The view was like a tinted 9 comic-style windows. The camera was instantly calculating probabilities. Rapidly jumping from one Samternate to the next, predicting every teleport-jumping.

Whoever were watching or monitoring the Samternates, considered this some kind of a game. And surprisingly, this was the very first time that the hologram Samternates were actually applying teleportion.

They were quite a distraction. The camera stopped and suddenly turned towards Sam. There was Lego blocks constructed into a larger Rubik Cube with corresponding colours. Passing its head through the hologram to find, Sam wasn’t hiding in there.

Pop! Pop! The Samternates were gone.

Just as the camera’s glaring eye turned to red, quickly jumped towards the original.

With a smile. Pop! Sam was gone.



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