Nominated for 7 Blogger Awards!

So much thanks to Tazein Mirza Saad, dear friend and amazing human being. I’m deeply grateful and thankful for nominating me. And I come to believe that I have won! : )


1-Sunshine Award.

2-Wonderful Team Membership Award.

3-Liebster Blog Award.

4-Super Sweet Blogging Award.

5-Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

6-Shine On Award.

7-Best Moment Award.


1-Answer the 10 random questions or those of your own choosing.

2-Nominate 10 other bloggers for the Award and link their blog sites.

3-Notify the bloggers of their awards.

4-Ask the award winners to answer the 10 questions when they accept their Award.

1-Do you have a goal in life?

Learn so much out of life. Be a better human being. Always supportive of dear family and friends. There is so much I want to do.

2-City or Countryside?

City- Vibrant lights it is!

3-What was the last word you looked up in the dictionary?

Theurgy, which means, the operation or effect of a supernatural or divine agency in human affairs. Had an alert on my iPad. Lol.

4-If you had a time machine where would you go?

I’d travel where I could. I’d rather possess a time-travelling ability than via a machine. Lol.

5-Pirate or Vampire?

Vampire, well…neither. Lol. I prefer the supernatural.

6-Are you easily satisfied or do you keep working to obtain something?

I continue to work to attain my goals! Am satisfied with what I have currently.

7-Sweet or Savoury?


8-Do you believe in Karma?

I believe in being good, doing good. For the bad, hope they have a chance to change for the better.

9-Which is your favorite Comedy film?

I watch suspense, supernatural horror-thrillers, I don’t watch that many movies really.

10-Fantasy or Sci-fi?


My 6 (couldn’t think of more, lol) questions;

What genre do you enjoy to watch, read or write?
What recent books have you read?
What is your method of writing or developing your work?
What was the first book you read?
Do have any favourite authors you have enjoyed their work?
What forms of inspiration allows you to write?

2-Nominate 10 other bloggers for the Award and link their blog sites. Here are my nominees;



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