D36 – Pt. 2

The pod had arrived within the large alien ship along with Dahlia. She hopped out and scanned her right and left, picking up red holographic body outlines of inflated balloon head entities through walls. She had been teleported to a pod batch engineering location, where alongside her pod there were still coma-induced balloon head entities resting within many more pods.

She thought of a diversion. It had to be effective enough to draw much attention. She’d began enforcing for greater mental telepathy, causing the batch pods to melt with acidic deterioration. She knew when the deterioration reached to the lower part of the pod, it had an explosive kind of effect. She then jump-teleported away before the explosion was about to ignite as the meltdown reached the bottom, with accelerated velocity.

It tore parts off the ship out into the sky. Dahlia jumped into the mainframe part of the ship where two ballon-heads had been protecting it. Just when they turned towards her, their heads exploded with powder particles. She stood facing the mainframe, a large red ball with a small switch at the centre, with a hole for some kind of a key to activate it.

It seemed familiar she felt, and fished in her pockets quickly. Held in her hand was a micro key-ring, shaped like a miniature pod. She had escaped with it when she was abducted. And knew what to do because just before the ballon heads exploded she had read their thoughts. She knew that placing the key into the mainframe, could initiate two consequences.

Twist to the left would cause the whole ship to go off like a nuclear bomb. Killing herself along with the aliens. She was much acceptable of this, after what had happened to her. Twist to the right, would… Well she had to decide.

Just when she positioned the key-ring into the switch, firmly intent on killing herself along with the ship. Tears filling her eyes. She paused. And thought. What difference would it make? Nothing would change. The real question was, What about time?

She held out her hand touching the mainframe, and then gently, twisted the key ring to the right. The mainframe turned to shimmer with orange along with Dahlia and slowly directing her eyes towards her hand, she began to absorb away. Dazzling light filled the whole place.


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