D36 – Wake Up Like It Were A Dream

Dark eyes awoke wide open through the night, and gently she made her way down the stairs. One foot after another. Slowly as the stairs creaked quietly. She probably didn’t have any recollection of it at all. What about time? She had thought to herself as she was about to twist the key. What was right twist?

Well, the victimised 36 was back to 18. Dahlia had in fact, RESET time. She pulled everything back to the same night it had all occurred. Hadn’t it has been for this change, this reset, Dahlia would have killed herself.

The free-spirited, 18 year-old Dahlia paused as she reached the living room. And waited as she stared at the vacant living. It was very silent. Empty of that large gas bursting, sleep-inducing, solidifying jelly cocoon. She thought she had heard a sound. But to her surprise, there was no one there.

A warm smile gently grew over her. There was a twinkle in her eyes. She sighed almost with a sound. Followed by a soft yawn. Wake up like it were a dream. Probably so for her since she had no recollection of such life-changing events.

Dahlia felt safe.


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