New short fiction release

From Monday 10th to Sunday 16th June 2013. My short fiction THE WORDS FROM MY EARS #releases as micro-chapters on my #Wordpress. The short fiction received a great response. Here are a few of the rave reviews the short fiction received;

“I think it’s very good. Very tense and dramatic in the right places, but also quite descriptive and atmospheric where it needs to be. Cole is a great character, and you do a brilliant job of getting the reader to engage with him, especially in so few words.” -Kate Hanney

“I really enjoyed it Aamir – very gripping. You have a very individual writing style and it keeps the story interesting. The amount you have crammed in is quite amazing – to build a picture with relatively few words is impressive. Very good. You should write more like this.” -Rachel Philips

“This is my first time to read something with a supernatural theme. I am usually the suspense/legal thriller/mystery-first person POV type of audience but this one is gripping, and right on the spot. Very nicely written. You don’t know how fast I was able to picture the scene in my head. The way you described the atmosphere is just about enough to let me feel a father’s pain of losing his child–and I didn’t even know that was what happened! You are a brilliant writer. It would be a shame if you don’t write this for public.” -Anne


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