the words from my ears – 2

2. a streak of light

Cole made his way inside his home. Stopped at a desk, removed his Ray-ban placing them onto the top surface of the desk. He stared at the record player playing, MEMORY OF FOOTSTEPS by Plastic Ono Band. Mused poignantly in the way it were sung by Yoko Ono. He hadn’t switched it on, but knew what could have. Cole gently removed the small hand-propelled machine off from the plastic disc and left the vinyl record disc swirl continuously.

His head dropped and eyes closed. He heard the words pass again as faint whispers. His head gently steered towards the stairs to his right. He stood still staring at it for a seconds with a blank mind. His heart had grown heavy. Cole saw a streak of light. He pulled the first drawer open and grabbed hold of a Polaroid camera, and captured a photo of it. His solemn eyes remained drawn to it. The drawer that contained several other Polaroid photos of this light Cole had taken since he caught the first sighting of it. He had never really known what it was, only that it appeared unexpectedly. Brow squashed, Cole glanced at the photo and then back towards the light. Gently he released the camera from his hand as it fell to the ground beside his foot, and began to follow it up the stairs.

The propelled machine gently rolled back onto the disc. It began playing.


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