the words from my ears – 5

5. engulfed, bees and trepidation

The lights were off, it seemed from afar. Her dazed, listless eyes watched. Her current state of mind engulfed by melancholic loneliness. She waited for quite awhile since she had travelled through the woods when it came to an end and she found herself in front of Cole Cambern’s house. Splotches of dirt and mud stained her black cotton vest and Denim jeans. All by herself in this dark. She turned towards the shed. The lights were radiating, Cole Cambern was probably working in the shed this late. Her heart grew heavy. She had found the note Cole had left in the fields under the tree this afternoon. It’s what had brought her here. But Lauren hadn’t even read it yet.

Distorted, overlapping sounds of bees were ringing in her ears. Mild whispers that grew louder for only a moment. Deafening her, temporarily, as if they were embedded with her thoughts. Lauren May, had a confession to make. She made her way slowly towards the light of the shed. The 27 year-old closely resembled Amy Gumenick, as she stood under the light of the open shed. Her stomaching was churning now.

“Mr. Cambern?” She called out with a whisper.
She tried again after clearing her tightening throat, but there was no reply. Lauren made her way inside and glanced everywhere to find Cole Cambern absent. She’d thought about making her way towards the house. But she waited. Her hands were shaking slightly as she tried to hold herself together. The glint in her eyes grew potent, it began to blur her sight. Her eyes fell shut as her face grew into a wince.

The sounds grew stronger. She’d realised why it had frighteningly haunted her since the incident. It occurred to her, that this had to be done no matter what came next. She was about to make a confession when the sounds in her ears stopped abruptly. Lauren waited, and slowly opened her tear filled eyes in such relief. And then she heard footsteps from behind. Before she could turn to see who it was, hands reached from the shadows behind her. A plastic bag quickly fell over her face. Lauren inhaled and exhaled rapidly with her fingers attempting to pull the bag from over her face. Her cries muffled from the tightening of the bag. She was panting. The panic jerked her with elevating trepidation.


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