the words from my ears – 6

6. Lauren may’s confession

His eyes had changed, they’d become white like they were blind. He spoke no words. Cole had channeled something inside him, like a medium. He had no sense of consciousness and control over his actions. Suddenly Cole stopped pulling, his fingers became loose. Eyes faded to normal. He’d slowly regained consciousness. The bag continued pulling over Lauren’s face. She had almost stopped breathing.

But he felt a pull over his chest. Cole’s eyes had dilated with horror and disbelief. Before he could react the pull pushed him away from Lauren. He fell back with such force. There was a distorted, warping like energy floating before his dark eyes. He was drawn towards it. A supernatural energy. Around which, there were a cluster of bees floating with this, “entity”. Cole watched as Lauren May’s body pulled into the air like a puppet, under a radiating bulb. A hangman like position. Guilty.

“DON’T!” Cole shouted out at the supernatural energy.
Tears stood in his eyes, he knew who or what it was. The pull from the bag began to loosen, very slowly. Lauren quickly pulled the bag from her face, and grasped for air. Regained consciousness. It sent a strong jolt in her heart as she saw herself suspended in thin air. Her eyes grew wide with trepidation and disbelief as her face bristled with tension. Something had held her up and refused to let her go. A look of fatalism had darkened her pessimistic eyes.

“I confess, I DID IT!” Lauren raised her head towards the glowing bulb and cried out uncontrollably. With a wrinkled wince. Cole followed the movement of her lips.

“I was so wrong. I ask of your forgiveness.”
“I’m so sorry… ” She sobbed with her voice breaking up. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Disbelief and disturbance came over him. The depths of his consciousness stirred from within. But Cole never heard what Lauren had confessed. Only that the crying wince that wrinkled her face had confirmed to him. Cole remembered the words written on the note.


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