the words from my ears – 7&8

7. accepting an apology

“Why deny it?”
Cole’s tearful eyes came to a brim. He began to hear those words again, the words he had been hearing as faint whispers for the past few months. The words Scarlett Cambern had never spoken to him. But from a young woman who had been murdered by her best friend, Lauren May. And now she was floating in thin air for her wrongdoing.

Cole stretched out his hand in front of him, fingers spaced wide apart. He called out slowly to it, “Sylvia…”

“I’ve forgiven her. You can let her go.” Cole slowly whispered to her.
Lauren gently began to float down. Her face was wet with tears. When she felt her feet touch the ground, Sylvia had released her. Cole watched as the warping energy and the bees began to fade. The sounds had stopped. Lauren slowly fall to the ground and began sobbing, with her hands over her winced face. Her head collapsed on the floor. Her heart overwhelmed by disgust and grief. Cole saw a glimpse of Sylvia, not as the warping image but as she was once a person. Her dark pensive eyes watched him. A tear trickled down his cheek. He inhaled deeply as she converted into a streak of light and then, Sylvia was gone.

Cole and Lauren made their way to his house, with Lauren consumed by guilt as she followed Cole. As Cole reached the steps he paused. Lauren couldn’t hear the sounds anymore. Cole spoke no word. He sat on the footsteps and softly gestured with his hand, tapped against the steps beside him. Lauren sat beside him. They remained quiet for some time. Cole inhaled deeply and quietly as his teary eyes glanced towards the shed. Somehow, having seen Sylvia for a final time had relieved his heart. The heavy-hearted feeling was gone.

Lauren pulled out the envelope Cole had left under the tree, and began to read to herself.

8. words on the note

Why deny it? I’ve been gone for long now. Lauren May was her name.
If she confessed. Would you find peace?

What if I leave…

Sylvia Cambern


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