The BLOWN-MINDED Reference

After completing my 2nd short fiction, POT SMOKERS AND THE POWDER EFFECTS, I was searching for a song to best fit a scenario, that is when I coincidently came across a stop-motion, oil painting-like animated video by Carine Khalife on Vimeo.

BLOWN MINDED from the album, Shapeshifting by Young Galaxy. Which was shared on the Pulse App. It was prefect for the scene! And coincidently, my imagination was very close to what her video had achieved.

After which, I even contacted Carine via Twitter six days later, and informed that I so enjoyed her craft and that I had made a reference within the short fiction and shared it with her. Her response;

“I really appreciate the rythm of your writing. Tho I am not one into drugs, or drugs effects or culture, I must admit, that I let myself float on the descriptions and enjoyed the ride. The Blown Minded reference is funny, it’s very precise!”

I was humbled. She was very down-to-earth individual, and extremely talented.

I do feel that if POT SMOKERS AND THE POWDER EFFECTS were projected as visuals, it can be converted to this type of animation.

Here the info about the video: Stunning video for Young Galaxy’s ‘Blown Minded’ was crafted by Montreal artist Carine Khalif, and was inspired by the textures and depths rooted within the song. With paint as her medium, Carine spent four months creating a series of paintings captured frame by frame with a fixed camera.

The process took place inside a darkroom, with a single light source coming from beneath the glass to reveal various textures and brush movements.

“I worked a lot with transparency. The more paint, the darker the image, and therefore the animation became about gesture, and the texture of brushstrokes. It’s a very physical, organic process. Everything is based on the rhythm” – she explains.

Here’s the link you can watch the stunning video: