pot smokers, and the powder effects – 1

Have you ever been hit by a meteor…
And survived.

1. take the plunge?

Camilla Bell stood over the edge of a 6-storeys building. Her chest inflated and deflated slowly and deeply. She was deciding. What she would do next?

Her ears plugged by white headphones as WINTER by Elena Tonra sang to her ears. Lyrics that held onto her heart.

Lost in the dark / My heart taken
Resting on your heart

And we were in flames / I needed I needed you
To run through my veins / Like disease

And now we are strange / Strangers

But there was something eerily strange about her head, it didn’t seem normal. It was very huge, twice the size of an average human head. Like an inflated balloon, only that it was circular. You would have seen something like this projected in a cartoon or film. But the disturbing fact was that this was really her head. It wasn’t a few months back when what seemed like a meteor had in fact puffed out black ash smoke over her face as she learned over with an incredulous stare. After which, she had fell unconscious for quite some time. When bright light grew over her dark closed eyelids and she had woken, it was gone. Nowhere to be seen. What was left was a ripple-formed meteor crater, and him.

Since then only she could see this head whereas others could only see her as she was normal. A teddy-head. That’s what it was. Only the edges of the ears, nose resembled like a teddy but it was completely bright red. Brighter when stimulated by extreme emotion, which is exactly what it was right now. She felt melancholic, and suicidal.

Her large dark teddy eyes stared at the ground of a parking lot, the white lines that separated each park-up lane. Her shoe heels lifted up closer towards the leap and then back down. She was still deciding. She wandered if she took the leap, would all that bright red drain out completely. She’d turn pale. Or instead of blood, there would be small white chucks of wool float out from her head-she had seen it on Supernatural, S4:E08 Wishful Thinking. When little Audrey Elmer’s suicidal teddy bear placed the front barrel of a shotgun to its mouth and pulled the trigger, puff came the wool. Still alive considering that she’d made a wish that seemed like forever. Sam and Dean called it the, “Lollypop-Disease”.

Or, would the black ash she had inhaled puff right out of her. She lifted her heels, and took the leap of faith, head first into a nose dive… Thump!

It wasn’t gruesome, there wasn’t any traces or a pond of blood. Camilla remained lying on the ground for minutes within a single lane. White lines on her sides. Eventually pulled herself off from the ground, winked her chocolate eyes a few times, twisted her neck right and left. Her head was a waving, bloated lollypop. Her head was still red, but not as brighter has it had grew to be. Excerpt a broken iPod and a minor headache, there really wasn’t anything serious here. No bruises. Not even a scratch. She’d in fact landed on her head. Not once did the solid concrete ground crack her head wide open. Camilla was fine. Sane? Probably not.

“You’ve got yourself a nosebleed.” A male passing by stopped as he saw her and informed.
Surprised that the blood seemed black as it rolled down to the edge of her upper lip. He couldn’t see her inflated head, to him, she was normal. Brunette-haired, Ellen Page looking young woman. He didn’t mistake her for Ellen though. Considering that she flipped him her middle finger before he left. For Camilla, having not seen her real self felt like a horrible delusion.

Curiosity feel over Camilla. Having plunged for the 6th time and woken to be fine the previous times, this didn’t seem normal-the nosebleed. Something had changed.

Tweeted by him, @Camilla_TedRed Found her on #YouTube. Adele Calvert, aka #CatOra. She’s a part of the #incident. #meteor


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