pot smokers, and the powder effects – 2

2. the Vodka wash

Pools of crystal clear fluids flushed down from a bottle of Vodka, washing over his eye, his sight grew distorted and blurry until it had completed been ingested.

Ingesting vodka though his eye socket. Those large dilated chocolate eyes. A victim of the “meteor-shower” incident. They had been on the fields in the dark hours of the night when it happened, Oren Park and his close friend Camilla-not his girlfriend. It actually landed on top of him. But he wasn’t crushed, considering that something as gigantic probably should have killed him.

Oren had been rushed to hospital and stayed in a comatose state for at least two and a half weeks. But he had survived, to be “eyeballing” a bottle of neat Vodka right now. Oren had very little recollection of the incident, but was aware of black particles found on his chest when the x-rays came through.

He disposed of the empty Vodka bottle in the back street of an alley and made his way towards his apartment. Once he was home, he watched his stomach in the mirror reflection with his shirt open, cotton vest pulled over his upper chest.

Since the incident, Oren noticed a small bump on his stomach. It didn’t remain in one position but rather, moved around in and outwards. He felt his stomach but not the bump. He’d applied pressure over it but felt nothing. It would wobble over from one position to another, quite randomly. Oren wandered if it was a curled up tape worm. He knew it wasn’t a tape worm or even a boil but that’s what the bump made him think. He rolled his vest over his stomach.


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