pot smokers, and the powder effects – 3

3. beaming adele calvert

She had been staring at her reflection in the mirror for quite some time, a huge orange glowing head with cat-like edges over her nose and ears.

Like it were a light bulb. Beaming potently from her large chocolate eyes was yellow-gold smoke. Smoking marijuana rolled up in a thin cigarette, there were clouds of heavy drifting smoke. Held in her other hand was a 4-inch barrel Colt Python with 5 empty chambers and one loaded chamber. She had flipped it rolling with her slightly shaking hand to a shuffle, and had no idea whether if she pulled the trigger it was an empty round, or a real brains blown bang.

This was CatOra (Twitter username), or Adele Calvert which was her real name. It would seem that she too may have been involved in or was a victim of the “meteor-shower” incident. Like Oren and Camilla, Adele too possessed a huge bright orange head. Hence, Cat-Ora. As her normal self, Adele was a pensively dark-eyed, dark brown-tinted-blonde haired young woman. A Sarah Shahi in likeness, narrow wide eyes and deep cheekbones.

She had recently connected with Oren via Twitter, after Oren had seen a Vlog of her mentioning the “meteor” incident on YouTube. He’d recognised in an instant when he saw her huge head, which seemed very much like his own evidently. That’s how he knew she had been a part of the incident. The LIKE or SHARE was out of the question. He left a comment though. Oren wanted to know what she had witnessed that night, so that it filled in the blank holes of not knowing what had exactly happened to him, and Camilla.

For the normal human being, her head seemed normal. But only Oren, Camilla and Adele could see their disturbingly huge glow heads, even in their mirror reflection. Adele had sent him a DM message, followed by an email, and today, Adele was about to meet Oren in person for the very first time. It had to do with the after effects from the incident.

She slowly placed the revolver to her head, and pulled her finger hard on the trigger. Nothing happened. Luckily, the chamber had rolled to an empty slot. But Adele had done this before, a lot earlier after the incident.

She pulled the trigger the second time, followed a flash and a deafening bang. Smoke escaped the muzzle. Instead of having her brains blown right out and spray the walls, that huge glow head of hers had swallowed the bullet one moment, then she opened her mouth and it fell out into her hand. It didn’t kill her.

She held the bullet in front of her, between her thumb and index finger and watched both the gun and the bullet fade away in a cloud of smoke. She wanted the delusion to come to an end now.


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