pot smokers, and the powder effects – 4

4. illuminating pot heads

He was in the cellar downstairs, overcome by hallucinogenic illusion. After having smoked heated subtending marijuana leaves from a drug pipe.

The whole place seemed excessively clouded with smoke. Eyes shut, Oren curled his head right and left like a worm’s wiggling locomotion, whilst listening to DEMONS from the album Trouble Will Find Me by The National. It played loud on his on iPod with an empty earphone jack. Oren was so in the mood for this.

I get this sudden sinking feeling / Of a man about to fly
Never kept me up before / Now I’ve been awake for days

I can’t fight it anymore / I’m going through an awkward phase
But I stay down / With my demons

His eyes snapped wide open, interrupted from the sound of the door bell upstairs. He turned round and found several floating light bulbs, absent heated filament wire. But florescent with the fireflies that were concealed within them, strangely, considering how the fireflies had come to be inside the bulbs. There’d be no way without cracking a bulb and even then, the bulb to seem as perfectly untouched as it did here. They generated the incandescent light.

Could Oren create delusions in a creative way, he thought. Change them, mould them or take control of such delusions? For a moment, he was distracted as he watched the glow from the circling fireflies. A second door bell sound rang, interrupting him again. He made his way past the bulbs and upstairs.

Oren edged into the room to find Adele sat with her backpack to one side, using her white bezel iPad, rested on a triangle-folded pink Smart Cover. She had been painting using the Paper (53) App, when she caught the sight of a huge bunny-head, staring at her. The edge of what seemed like brows grew together with curiosity. It brought to her mind the thought of Frank of DONNIE DARKO, only friendlier in appearance. Oren’s head was a illuminating lime green colour.

They’d waited for either of them to speak first. Adele watched as Oren spoke no but sat beside her and glanced at her sketch of her current self. She turned towards her sketch, and recalled the night on the fields when it happened. When Oren had followed her before it happened.

Camilla arrived to see huge illuminating heads staring at her, Oren and Adele. By this time Adele had sketched Oren beside her image. It was forming into something that resembled like THE ABBEY ROADS poster by The Beatles. Thick white pedestrian crossing lines-that looked like piano keynotes with herself (on the left), Oren (in the centre) and their huge balloon heads walking right to left. Hopefully, Camilla would soon be sketched, behind Oren (on the right). Oren had mentioned Camilla and had discussed the “meteor-shower” incident before she had arrived.

Right now Camilla’s head was pulsating, there were veins throbbing visibly but faintly. She had smoked a cigarette on her way to Oren’s apartment, and somehow knew something was really wrong. Probably some sort of side-effects from the incident.

“Are you ok, Cam? Oren asked curiously with his eyes narrowed.
“A broken iPod, is this her?…” Camilla slowly and calmly asked Oren.
“This is me, Camilla.” Adele replied, watching her. Camilla threw a hostile stare. Her head was exploding.


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