pot smokers, and the powder effects – 5

5. confessions of the incident

Adele swirled the half filled glass of red wine, which she had not even took a sip from. She had been staring at her warping reflection on the surface of the glass.

Tilting her head slight down, her eyes grew large. Camilla was drinking a highball “screwdriver” – a cocktail mixture of orange and Smirnoff – Triple Distilled for Purity, Premium Vodka – No. 21.

“What were you and Oren doing there?” Adele asked.
“We were smoking pot. The two of us.” Camilla replied. The veins were there no more, but Camilla was still thinking about the nosebleed.
“Oren… Do you remembering seeing someone else beside the two of you?”
“I just don’t recall someone at all. At the site. Or even if there was a meteor or something, only that something dropped and buried me.” Oren recalled, as shocking as it seemed, or even unbelievable, the meteor spoke to him. No, it didn’t have a mouth or voice. It was like telepathy. A mental surge of words.

“… The strangest thing that I remember is something talking to me, before I fell unconscious. Or almost died.”
“What did it say to you?” Adele was curious.
“I don’t remember…”
“What of this do you recall, Camilla?”
“Oren had mentioned that he had seen something when we were in the woods. He told me to stay where I was and that he would go check it out.”
“What after?” Adele grew extremely attentive.
“I saw it crash on Oren, some sort of meteor maybe. I had rushed over to him to find him crush under it, and then something happened… When I leaned over, puffs of black ash smoke coughed over my face. I fell unconscious.” Camilla eyes grew teary.
Adele lowered her eyes, but Camilla continued.

“I saw something grow brightly over my closed eyelids. When I awoke… It was gone. The meteor. What was left was a meteor crater, and Oren. I thought we were hallucinating from the weed.”
“What part of all this are you a part of?” Oren questioned Adele firmly. She turned towards Oren now facing him. After a long deep sigh, she replied.
“I was there when it happened… On the same night, on the fields.” She continued.
“I’m the one you were following through the woods and into the fields.”


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