pot smokers, and the powder effects – 6

6. side, or after effects?

Oren felt his eye grow watery and there was inflammation too.
Severely bloodshot and sore.

He knew vodka was corrosive and that it seared through the cornea of the eye, literally. But since the incident he had never felt this or even experienced it until now.

“What were you doing that night?” Oren asked, ignoring the irritation in his eye.
“There was this bulge around my throat. I believe I swallowed something. After which, I was following a voice… Like someone was talking to me.” Her insomniac eyes grew melancholic. Oren took deep and sharp breaths.

“What exactly were you doing in the woods, just before the fields?” Oren questioned strongly with sudden curiosity.
“Pot smokers and their miserable lives… Smoking the pot.” She recalled consumed by hallucinogenic euphoria, and continued.

“Consider it overdose.” Her eyes were watery after saying this. It struck Oren very hard that he was suddenly sympathetic towards her. There was a harrowing, loneliness feeling behind those words.

“How did you find us? Camilla came to realise what Adele had meant, she softly whispered.
“I haven’t slept for nights since… I’m experiencing side effects.”
“Side effects?” Oren was curious.
“Since the incident, and I know you both have too?” Adele confirmed.
“I’ve only just experienced an inflamed eye.” Oren replied, but he was very much uncertain.
“I’ve never experienced a nosebleed before… Until today.” Camilla mentioned after a pause from Oren and Adele.

“Adele, what have you been experiencing? What form of side effect?” Oren asked. He was solemn.
“I’ve been hearing that voice… It’s still talking to me. Right now.”
“A voice? Are you sure it was a voice?” Oren questioned.
“You mentioned hearing something that night… Maybe, its the same voice?”
“What if we were overcome by hallucinogenic euphoria, that this really isn’t happening?” Oren sounded uncertain. It sounded insane.

“I saw it almost crush you, the impact crater was still there.” Camilla answered, and then asked Adele.
“What happens now?”
“I need you both and myself to travel the fields again. Where we first came in contact with, Mr Meteor.”


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