pot smokers, and the powder effects – 7

7. fireflies, Budweiser and powder effects

“The meteor crater’s still here.” Camilla claimed, as she smoked a thin, slow-burning cigarette.

Her eyes watery from the cold as she stood in her slightly loose brown military-style jacket. They were now out on the fields, stood on what was once the “meteor” crater left from the impact. Now there was grown fresh small blades of grass.

They had been carrying a large jar each through the woods with florescent fireflies concealed within them, now the jars laid on the ground. Instead of a flashlight, the fluorescent was their light. Oren and Camilla had trapped a few fireflies on the night they had been under the influence of the smoking pot, the Budweiser and when the incident had occurred.

Oren had almost finished drinking a bottle of Budweiser. Camilla inhaled as the cigarette smouldered slowly with a low crackling sound. Adele also wore a similar jacket over her cotton white t-shirt, with an imprint of Ellie’s face from the videogame, The Last of Us. Somehow, this seemed the same for them, the last of the illuminating pot heads.

Her large eyes staring at the illuminating jar held in front of her. Oren had been staring at her. She had been over his mind since he’d seen her brushed her hand along the leaves. Somehow, there was something of her own, something that struck him emotionally. A kind of loneliness to it. They waited silently without words, staring at each other. Oren felt his eye scorch with irritation, it was watery again.

“What are we exactly waiting for?” Oren threw a question at Adele.
“Wait.” She replied. Took deep, sharp breaths, and felt something deep in her gut. It didn’t feel normal.
Oren took a last sip of Budweiser and then hurled the empty bottle towards the bushes. Heard it crash and crack. Camilla exhaled long drifting clouds of smoke from her mouth, and then moved her cigarette towards Adele for a drag. She refused with a nod. Camilla handed it to Oren. He began to smoke from it as they waited.

Within the next few seconds Adele felt her stomach churn. She took a long sharp breath and held it, her belly was stiff now. Oren’s piercing eyes stared. Camilla turned towards Oren with her breath held back, she grew anxious now. Her heart didn’t pound but her body was shaking, slightly. Adele’s spine began to arch forward, her hands fell on her knees. Before Oren or Camilla moved closer towards her, she began to cough out yellow-gold powder, involuntarily. It was glowing. Her head began to shrink back to normal, the orange was gone after each cough. But her eyes were yellow-gold with smoke as she threw a quick hostile stare at Camilla and then towards the ground.

The powder sprinkled onto the grass, but unlike vomit, it suddenly was absorbed into the ground. Dissolved completely. Adele stopped coughing. She’d felt a whirling sensation grew over her, and abruptly she collapsed to the ground.

Just as Oren exhaled slowly and leaned forward to examine Adele, a large hand clinched over his shoulder. It wasn’t Camilla, as she stood still jolted from within with fright. Oren steered his head towards this hand-a bright yellow-gold. It was twice the size of his actual hand. His eyes had become dilated with disbelief.

Could it had been created from the powder, but the powder was gone?


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