pot smokers, and the powder effects – 8

8. the yellow bastard thing

The hairless head of this thing warped over the surface of Oren’s eyes. Oren felt he was hallucinating. It was a shimmering yellow-gold, the whole of it.

A 7ft being. Unlike anything anyone could had possibly witnessed. Oren recalled Frank Miller’s Roark Junior a.k.a Yellow Bastard, portrayed Nick Stahl from the movie, it so looked quite like that. He had instantly stamped in his minds memory this label, Yellow Bastard.

A bare chest with a slightly chubby jelly like belly. It still seemed physically intimidating with brood shoulders, and bulky-like mass. It’s dark piercing eyes were fixated at Oren. A bulged stare as it leaned over Oren, it’s nose almost about to tap against his. Oren, Adele and Camilla seemed very much normal to it. A look of fatality fell over Oren, it began to darken his eyes. No one would believe him or even Adele and Camilla. It wouldn’t make any sense if they survived after this. What if they didn’t?

The being gently pulled the cigarette from Oren and begun the inhale a drag. A huge cloud of smoke came out from exhale. Oren’s frighteningly jarred eyes watched as the cigarette began to turn to yellow-gold stone. The entity opened it’s lips, and spoke out the following words with such fearful menace.

“Smoking the pot, were you?”


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