pot smokers, and the powder effects – 9

9. giant, bulging belly

Dazed, listless eyes stared towards the black sky. Oren’s head was normal, removed from the huge head “condition”.

Despite his eyes wide open, Oren was unaware of what was going on around him. A ethereal feeling fell over his body as he laid on the grass. Glint of tear grew from his still scorching bloodshot eye.

Barely under his sight, he noticed a brightly glowing belly over his stomach. But he remained still, letting the moment pass. The belly began to bulge out towards the sky, the buttons on his brown checker shirt tore wide open from the pull, his white vest fell over his upper chest to reveal a yellow-gold shimmer of bump. Slowly like one inflating a balloon after each breath push until it gently spilt from his stomach like mitosis, with no pain. It was floating in the air above his stomach now, a giant yellow-gold ball.

He recalled what he had seen on the night of the incident. There was a faint cough he’d heard, and followed it through the woods. He saw a woman making her way towards the fields, but there was something unusually strange about her. Her body was warping. Distorting slightly. After a few steps she would emerge and reemerge, like a teleport jump kind of projection. Having smoked some pot, he felt hallucinated. What if this wasn’t happening for real?

She had been walking directly towards it, as if she was following something, like she was hypnotised. Then abruptly stopped, and waited. He’d remembered walking tentatively towards her when it happened. Before it crashed onto him. Her hand brushed along the dry leaves, just like she had done so today passing through the woods. It was Adele, it had to be her.

Oren lowered his eyes to see the bald being stood over him. Staring at him as it suddenly began to pull towards or inside of this giant ball to form into one, completely consumed. The giant ball then turned black with shimmering yellow-gold crater-like splotches, mimicking a different version of the moon. Then, it was gone.

Oren had no idea that after the “Meteor” had almost crushed him on the night of the incident, and Camilla had awoke to find it had disappeared. It had in fact, had been absorbed into him.


2 thoughts on “pot smokers, and the powder effects – 9

    1. TY so much Dionne! So glad you liked it! and TY for your kind compliment. Exploring the depths of innovation. I like both ending, couldn’t come to choose. Lol. So happy with the final piece.

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