pot smokers, and the powder effects – 10

10. Second chance

Oren slowly sat up with his legs lying straight in front of him, rolled his vest down over his stomach and sighed softly.

The burning sensation in his eye was still there, and still watery. It was bloodshot far more than in the other. He was cold from the torn open shirt, and strangely paranoid. He turned towards an unconscious Adele and tiredly crawled over toward her. He felt a sharp sensation pulsate around his heart, a stab of electric. His eyes grew to a glint of brim and then he took a deep, sharp breath. The huge cat-head was gone, placing his finger under her nose he felt her breathing. He shook her softy but she remained unresponsive.

He darted his whaling eyes around her face, her high cheekbone, the edge of her nose, chin and then her lips. He’d seen her normal for the first time as he stared at her closed eyelids, waiting for them to open. The second time he checked her breathing, she was still breathing. He gently stroked her hair with his anxious hand, she was cold. For a moment he felt he’d lost her.

Now he crawled his way towards Camilla with grave trepidation, and she too was normal. But there was a small pool of what seemed in the dark, like black blood under one side of her head. There was no exit or any open inflicted wound. He touched it and stared at his fingers, they were shaking. He quickly placed his finger under her nose like he had done with Adele, Camilla was still alive despite there being some nosebleed.

He had no idea of the consequences of their actions, considering what if everyone was back to normal. What would come of the after effects? Camilla had attempted to commit suicide not once, but for the 6th time today. Would she have died from this? Oren began to cough, his mouth sprayed by traces of dark blood in an instant. Gently he laid his head onto the ground, and began to stare at the black sky. The coughing suddenly had stopped.

It was warping in and out of shape. His mind was a psychedelia induced blender throwing out hallucinogenic visuals from the night the incident had occurred. He felt like he was sucked into his mind. He watched the visuals unravel like he was watching a stop-motion, oil painting-like animated video by Carine Khalife on Vimeo. BLOWN MINDED from the album, Shapeshifting by Young Galaxy. He imagined hearing it, the beats, the lyrics.

How did I get to here? / A random chain of events
Or chemical and elements…

I believe there’s a meteor out there / With my name on it
Hurtling through space / And nothing can stop it

Oh, I was born blown minded / With an eye on oblivion

It continued for a few minutes, after which, he thought about Camilla and Adele. After some deep, slow breaths, his tired watery eyes began to close slowly as he fell unconscious. Unaware that the three of them would find themselves in hospital, in a comatose state for a few weeks, and that their x-rays came clear with no signs of the black particles. Whether if they had any recollection of this incident or not, only they knew.

But something miraculously had happened that night on the fields, they were sucked in a vacuum of hallucinogenic grip and survived. They were cured from the detrimental effects of the smoking pot.


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