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There was strong about this written by a fellow friend. Even the picture is very intriguing.


The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 7

supernaturally jolting

Mr Khan stared at his fingers as he felt his grip loosen from the Beretta, without any intention to do so. And then, it was quickly snatched away from him.

His startled, bulging eyes watched as it floated in front of him now. Suspended in thin air by the force from the poltergeist. He quickly leaned forward only for the Beretta to lunge towards him, taking aim at him. He paused, with both hands spread out in front of him, and took a deep breath. He tried to stay calm.

Enough seconds that allowed Inspector Suchdev to quickly stand behind Naveen, and attempted to grab hold of him, his face turned to a wince but he was suddenly thrust back away from him. Again from the potent force from the poltergeist. Supernaturally empowering. Hopelessly washed over their faces. There was nothing stopping it now. The black cloth over Naveen’s face blew right off, exposing his face. Naveen’s open wide eyes were overcome with disbelief as he watched the Beretta slowly floated away from Mr Khan and rotated towards him as it took aim.

A ghostly glimpse of Maya faded in and out in front of them, with the beretta held in her hand. The lights flickered from some kind of interference. Mr Khan lunged forward with his hand in front stretched far out hoping to pull or twist the Beretta away from Naveen, but he failed.

BANG! The smoke particles escaped the muzzle of the beretta. Naveen was shot on his right side of his shoulder. It was pulsating with dark thick blood gushing. Mr Khan held his breath as his incredulous watery eyes watched Naveen collapse to the ground.

Inspector Suchdev appeared by his side now, as they watched Naveen bleed onto the ground. Naveen’s frightened eyes pleaded for help, a look of fatality had grown over him now. Before the inspector called for an ambulance, Mr Khan interrupted as he held him by the wrist, softly, and paused. Mr Khan’s profound but listless eyes glanced at the inspector and then away. The inspector understood what this clearly meant. Both officers turned their backs away from Naveen.

Then a twisting sound came from behind them, it was supernaturally jolting for what they were about to witness upon turning towards Naveen. A sound like that of a slow twisting leather wallet. Naveen’s neck began to twist until his stopped breathing… Until it wasn’t facing the opposite direction. Their eyes grew to a bulge, not terrified, but from disbelief.

Mr Khan’s eyes grew teary and narrow, a solemn expression fell over his face, as he continued to stare at the now dead corpse. Inspector Suchdev slowly removed his Ray-Bans as his bulging eyes had become clouded by growing belief now. This was real, physical yet unusually surreal. Either way, justice had been served.

But how would they explain what had just happened, what their eyes had witnessed. It didn’t matter to either of them. All they felt deep down in their heart was that a young 18-yr-old female engineer graduate, Maya Sampath didn’t deserve to die such an overdosed jolting death. This is what Maya had wanted.

Both officers made their way out of the parking lot in their vehicle. Waited at the exist, as the rain washed over the windshield. The raindrops twisted and warped their image as they continued to process what had just happened back in the parking lot.

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 6

poltergeist force

Mr Khan and Inspector Suchdev made their way towards the parking lot with the handcuffed suspect, his face covered with a black cloth.

Mr Khan walked steady taking his time to arrive towards the vehicle. His mind drowned by Naveen’s riveting confession. He’d felt in that instance, that pulling the trigger was possibly prefect justice to Maya. The ignition was running with Naveen sat in the back, Inspector Suchdev waited behind his open door watching Mr Khan. Maya had suddenly grew over their minds, it was very moving.

Before even Mr Khan gained closer towards the vehicle, the gear stick jolted into gear. The vehicle pulled off as it began to steer away a further distance. Inspector Suchdev’s back had rolled off the surface from the vehicle as he was leaning over it. Mr Khan grew curious as his eyes alertly followed the vehicle, and blinked after it came to a stop. Both men quickly recalled the pen that wrote by itself this instance.

Mr Khan jogged towards the vehicle as the amber siren whirled, the headlights beamed strongly and the alarm was going off loud. A baffled Inspector Suchdev aggressively pulled Naveen out from the vehicle, Naveen unaware of what had just happened. Mr Khan took a quick glance towards the now empty vehicle, investigating. No one was there. He glanced back at the inspector, his eyes squashed together for a moment, like he had seen a reflection of someone on his Ray-Bans.

When Mr Khan threw a glance towards Inspector Suchdev, Naveen was suddenly pulled or pushed back away from Inspector Suchdev’s grip. An incredulous inspector quickly pulled his Beretta out and turned it directly at Naveen, his face bristling with tension. He tried strongly to pull his hand away from Naveen, but Suchdev felt a powerful force grew over his grip, one that he couldn’t see but could only feel so potently. Like it were some kind of a poltergeist force. It felt overwhelming, as he struggled to removed his Beretta away from Naveen. Not once did he want to pull the trigger.

“DON’T PULL THE TRIGGER SUCHDEV!” Mr Khan raised his hand quickly in front of him, fingers spread wide open. Mr Khan was on the edge now. Breathing deeply and sharply.
Despite what it seemed like, Mr Khan knew that the inspector would not have taken such form of action into his hands. Nothing like this. He stared at his face, darkening by hopelessness. The inspector’s hand was shaking with extreme struggle.

“This is NOT justice!” Mr Khan enforced, indirectly, he wasn’t speaking to the inspector this time. He suddenly knew who or what it was. The reflection on Inspector Suchdev’s Ray-Bans. It was hauntingly, Maya.

Inspector Suchdev rested his finger over the trigger now. About to pull the trigger. Mr Khan took a sharp breath and quickly pulled out his Beretta and fired at the inspector. The bullet grazed the bottom surface of his hand, forcing him to drop the Beretta onto the ground.

“What do YOU WANT!” Mr Khan shouted out with curiously frustrated eyes.

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 5

injected confession & jerked revelation

“What did you do to her?” Inspector Suchdev threw a direct question.
“I forced her into my car, she’d struggled to stay still.

By the time I tried to restrain her, her side of the door became loose… And she fell out, injured.” Mr Khan took a sharp breath. His chest was heavy-hearted. He then pressed his back teeth together on one side. Attempting to hold back his patience now.

“Is that what killed her, the fall?”
“She survived the fall. But she was bleeding, and unconscious…” He continued.
A glint of tear surfaced over Mr Khan’s eye.
“I injected something into… A drug.” His voice breaking as he struggled to confess his awfully terrifying crime. Mr Khan’s incredulous eyes were bulging as he sat up after hearing this. Both officers recalled the bruise on Maya’s arm that grew large and black from the hole, like something had been injected forcefully.

“You WHAT!” Inspector Suchdev shouted fiercely.
“I thought, what if… it seemed… like an, overdose…”
“She jerked for a few minutes, and then stopped… I dumped the body.”
“YOU DUMPED MAYA! NOT A BODY!” Mr Khan exploded, at the thought of Maya’s physical struggle attempting to hold him back, and failing miserably. Hopelessness darkening her frightening, tearing eyes. What about the time her life came to an saddening end, and her coming to know that.

“Why?” Inspector Suchdev curiously asked.
“She was very attractive, sexually… I couldn’t come to hold myself back.” He dropped his head with such shame.

Inspector Suchdev blew out the smoke from his nostrils with his head tilted down. His eyes slightly moist from hearing this. The image of her cold, pale face washed over his eyes that moment. His stomach churning with disgust. Then held the smouldering cigarette between his thumb and the tip of his index finger, like one would if holding a dart. He threw a hostile stare and drilled the burning black ash into Naveen’s ear, the top curve of the cartilage.

Naveen shouted loudly as the pulsating came like stabbing shocks of electric.

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 4

unorthodox methods of investigation

“Name.” Inspector Suchdev demanded angrily. Mr Khan sat on a chair facing the suspect, gently chewing on an eclair toffee. His drooped eyes blinking softly.

A face full of boredom and annoyed at the same time. The incandescent bulb that hung over Mr Khan’s head projected dimly, it was very dark in a claustrophobic space. He was clear-minded, especially when an observation demanded strong focus. His judgement was much more clearer that way.

The nameless suspect spoke no word, no response. Both men believed in unorthodox methods of investigation, and carried no remorse when it came to interrogation. With terrifying undertones. Inspector Suchdev positioned his Beretta inches away from the suspect’s ear, and without any warning, pulled the trigger. The loud piercing sound tore into his eardrums, deafening his hearing.

A scream escaped his throat as his quickly grabbed hold of his temporarily deafened ear, for a moment. Having never heard a gun go off, it seemed like an explosion tore through his eardrums. The pain was aggressively pulsating. Inspector Suchdev placed his Beretta back into his holster, pulled out a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke. Without him demanding again for the name of the suspect, came an answer.

“Naveen Patel.” He informed, his face grew into a wrinkling wince.
“Why did you run from myself and Mr Khan?”
“This had to do with Maya… Maya Sampath.” His voice was breaking from the infliction that still continued to pulsate.
“Did you know her?”
“What were you doing at the time of the incident?”
“I saw her alone… I had no intention to hurt her.” He continued, hesitantly struggling to find words.
“I asked her if she wanted some money, she was all by herself.” He began to weep.

Mr Khan carefully watched with his dull eyes narrowed. Raising his head slightly up, it suddenly occurred to him what the suspect meant by this. A loathing expression crossed over his face.

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 3

a wary stranger

Mr Khan and Inspector Suchdev had arrived at the address, a 13-storeys apartment building. Both man lacking a sense of direction.

They had no idea what the address meant. Right now, Inspector Suchdev softly rested his hand over the shoulder of the watchman, asking the man questions. His Ray-Bans edging over the watchman’s face, his curious eyes narrowed behind them as he listened carefully. The watchman sounded churlish and mysterious from the tone of his voice.

After staring at the height of the building, Mr Khan made his way towards the watchman. Whilst unwrapping an eclair toffee, slowly. By the time he stood in front of the watchman, the wrapper was scrunched into a tiny ball resting between his thumb and index finger of his left hand. Pressed hard. The bare toffee held in his right hand, between thumb and index finger.

Inspector Suchdev gently but tightly gripped the collar of the watchman and corrected the fold, as it had stood high with a sense of arrogance. That seemed to have registered really well with the watchman as he lowered the tone of his voice. Fearfully, behaved politely. His tensed face warped reflecting over the inspector’s Ray-Bans.
“Is this how you treat any person?” Inspector Suchdev continued.
“We are here to carry out a murder investigation… So play nice.” He advised strongly with a far laconic but fierce tone in his voice.

Mr Khan listened attentively as his droopy eyes blinked softly a few times. He was about to rest the toffee into his mouth only to be interrupted. The lift of the building had travelled to ground floor as a young man pushed the door open, and paused. Inspector Suchdev slowly raised his head and narrow eyes toward the young man. Mr Khan quickly stirred his head sharply to his right, directly towards the young man who now began to feel hesitant. Both paused as they stared at this wary stranger, trembling with trepidation, instantly.

At first Mr Khan assumed the stranger was suddenly overcome by anxiety at the sight of them. But the stranger’s eyes began to bulge, dilate sharply, they had been fixated. Suddenly and quickly overcome with extreme perspiration and a pounding heart. Had they found their suspect? Mr Khan raised his hand, positioned his thumb and index finger forward between which the bare eclair toffee rested, with the remaining fingers almost closing into a fist. And threw the toffee as if a dart at the frightened stranger-turned-suspect. Mr Khan’s way of expressing “found-you”.

The suspect quickly ran towards the stairs on his right, instead of taking the lift. Attempted to avoid tripping. Inspector Suchdev aggressively pushed the watchman out of his way and followed in fierce pursuit, trampling over the eclair toffee, crushing it.

“What FLOOR!” Mr Khan ferociously shouted at the watchman.
“8th floor.”
Mr Khan pulled out the Beretta from his holster as he pulled the door open towards him, took the lift.

The suspect continued to take to the stairs, heading towards his apartment with Inspector Suchdev racing towards him. He began to grow exhausted, took sharp deep breaths. When he felt the suspect wasn’t willing to surrender he pulled out his Beretta and aimed closely but away from the suspect and pulled the trigger, frightening and rather warning him. But the suspect continued, he was almost there now.

He’s reached his apartment and locked it behind him once inside. Inspector Suchdev reached at the door, gripped the handle tightly and pulled hard. Nudged his shoulder forcefully into the door, once and then twice. Mr Khan pushed the elevator door stiffly and turned sharply until his eyes crossed Inspector Suchdev, who raised his gun towards the handle and pulled the trigger, once, and twice. Pressing his back and front teeth together on one side angrily and then kicked the door open. His was pissed off now.

Upon swing the door open, the suspect swing a crowbar over Inspector Suchdev’s left side of his face, it caused a deep cut over his left brow. But ignored the infliction and quickly responded with the ferocious grab of the suspect’s hand, when he tired again with the crowbar. Inspector Suchdev forcefully pushed the suspect onto the table in front of him, and then pointed his beretta at him. A trace of blood ran down, he wiped it with his back hand. It smeared over his cheekbone.

Mr Khan placed his hand over Inspector Suchdev’s shoulder and gently pressed for a response, to be reassured he was fine. Inspector Suchdev nodded positively, he was ok, still responsive. An extremely loathing expression grew over Mr Khan’s face. He fiercely pulled the suspect off the floor with both fists tightly gripped over the shirt, pressing into his throat and chin. Forced him to one side with both hands still gripped stiffly, he almost floated off the ground. They stood to one side, Mr Khan’s forehead edged out. The suspect’s warping image reflected into Mr Khan’s piercing eyes.

“You DON’T want either of us to get nasty.” The suspect felt as if his reflected had been swallowed.

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 2

the whirling siren – Pt. 2

Faintly, he could hear a song playing on the radio in a whisper. He slowly turned it up, a song from the 1987 Hindi parallel-cinema film, Ijaazat (Permission).

Based on a Bengali story, Jatugriha by Subodh Ghosh. KHALI HAATH SHAAM AAYI THI – Empty handed has the evening come, sung powerfully by Asha Bhosle.

खाली हाथ शाम आई है / खाली यह हाथ रवाना होगी
Empty handed has the evening come / empty handed it will depart.

आज भी, जिसे मैं प्रतीक्षा नहीं आया है / शून्य वापसी करेंगे।
Today too, whom I await hasn’t come / emptiness will return.

इस रात के काले दाग / यदि केवल कोई आ जाएगा साफ हो सकते हैं
This night’s dark stain / Can be wiped if only someone would come

Mr Khan felt absorbed not just from the profound expression of the lyrics, but deeply so, that Maya’s life had become so short-lived. Like the evening, she too had come empty-handed and departed empty-handed, metaphorically speaking. He began softly biting the skin over his lower lip, until he was abruptly interrupted by a loud but startling sound. He directed his bulging eyes up towards the roof of the vehicle.

Inspector Suchdev quickly stirred his head towards the direction of the piercing sound, after he had taken a drag from the cigarette. Mr Khan quickly hunched out from the side of the door, brows squashed together. The plastic case of the whirling siren torn right off. Mr Khan threw an incredulous stare towards the case-less but still whirling siren, as it flashed brightly onto his face. Inspector Suchdev softly blew out clouds of smoke from his mouth, then gently removed his Ray-Bans. He had dropped his cigarette, placed his left hand over close proximity of his loaded Beretta gun cautiously, about to pull it out from the holster.

They’d instantly registered that there was no gunfire of such, even as they searched everywhere with their incredulous eyes there was no one excerpt themselves present here.
Surprise fell over their faces, Mr Khan rested his elbow and part of his forearm onto the roof of the vehicle. His head tilted slightly down and eyes darting the ground. Just as Inspector Suchdev began to place his Ray-Bans back on but paused abruptly, he’d witnessed something rather beyond any form of explanation. It defied the normal physics of nature.

“Khan-Saab…” He called, as his head leaned forward. Mr Khan quickly stirred his head towards Inspector Suchdev and then gently removed his elbow off from the roof. Saw what began to take place in front of their disbelieving eyes. Mr Khan edged towards it, his feet moving tentatively. They watched as Inspector Suchdev’s pen was writing on the notepad, by itself. No such physical force driving its motion. And then, the pen dropped after it was done inscribing. Mr Khan slowly twisted the page with the inscription, it was an address. They’d recognised the address but were very surprised by what it really meant.

“Seems like we have a lead Khan-Saab.” Inspector Suchdev positively confirmed.
“How deep is your belief in science Inspector Suchdev-ji?” Mr Khan questioned without his piercing eyes ever watching Suchdev.
“Very minimal. There are things that go beyond the explainable, Khan-Saab.”
“Are you superstitious?” Mr Khan swallowed the last of the eclair toffee. It left his mouth greasy and dry. Inspector Suchdev crushed the cigarette butt with his shoe, lit a fresh cigarette, pressed it between his lips and after he removed it and blew out a long stretch of smoke, he answered.

“I have not experienced anything like this until today.”

The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 1

the whirling siren – Pt. 1

The flashing amber began to flicker and then abruptly went out, the red began to flash. A vehicle stood stationary under the traffic lights, with a silent whirling amber siren.

His eyes, drooped under the weight of his puffed eyebags on his thickset face, stared at the lights in the darker stage of the night, waiting for it to change to green. A 66 yr-old senior Deputy inspector, with a head of short curly grey-white hair. He was a burly man with a bump of belly. Mr Khan stood behind his open door, in an white shirt-the sleeves of which were folded about quarter on his forearms, and Indian khaki trousers.

Chewing an eclair toffee chocolate, the wrinkling bump bulging out on one side his mouth, lower back set of teeth. The clouds were heavy grey, anytime soon it would start to rain. But the lights didn’t change.

He drilled his teeth into the “bruise” of the toffee-the chocolate, and gush came the juice. Soon the chocolate would spray his teeth, eventually clear away after he would be done swallowing it.

Mr Khan took a deep breath, or rather sighed, not in relief but with grave disgust. He had just visited the morgue and received an autopsy report in the mysterious death of a young 18-yr-old female, identified as Maya Sampath. An engineer graduate who had seemed to have died from drug overdose, despite being wounded. Her dead body had been dumped. He recalled when he and Inspector Suchdev Singh had arrived at the crime scene, neither of them, were without a dry eye. Mr Khan had stared at her young face for minutes, without ever breaking his sight as Inspector Suchdev gently kneeled beside her. Traces of dark red blood barely visible between her closed lips.

He pressed hard at the wrapper which had been scrunched into a small ball, held between his thumb and the tip of his index finger. The thought of Maya grew heavy on his heart. She would have had a life ahead of her. Mr Khan pressed his back left teeth together and turned his head away with a soft blink, disheartened. Then fished through his trouser pocket, and pulled out an eclair and questioned. He wasn’t alone.

“Suchdev, do you want a toffee?”
“No Khan-Saab, shukriya.” Saab translated as Sir, and shukriya as thank-you.

Inspector Suchdev a 47-yr-old who’s dark brown eyes were hidden from aviator Ray-Bans, with receding dark brown streaks of grey hair, in his full khaki uniform, short sleeves that fit almost tightly around his biceps. A tattoo inked over the inner side of his right forearm, it was evidently visible. He was also a part of the Maya Sampath murder investigation with Mr Khan, both man from the Mumbai police department. A smouldering cigarette rest between his fingers, in one hand, whilst in the other he held a pen as he made notes from the explained autopsy on a notepad, in Hindi. He was sat on the front-corner bonnet of the vehicle.

Compared to Mr Khan, Inspector Suchdev was half his weight, body-buffed and toweringly taller. With thick dark strands of moustache. They’d be mistaken for being father and son, that’s how close their faces resembled each other. Mr Khan did treat Suchdev as if his own through. Considering also that both men were insomniac, staying up wasn’t a real problem here.

Mr Khan hunched inwards as he sat in the passenger seat, with the door still open. There was two cups sealed from the top with lids, one regular coffee and the other, decaffeinated coffee for Inspector Suchdev. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mr Khan was a strong coffee-addict.

He was reminded of the whaling cries of a young woman he saw, torched herself on fire after being sexually assaulted, many years ago when was as young as Inspector Suchdev. He had out of anger and despair with tearing eyes pulled the trigger at the assailant, then drenched him with petrol and torched him to death. The fact was, he didn’t care of the consequences, a trait Inspector Suchdev also possessed. He hadn’t come to forget her screams since.

New short fiction.

From Friday 11th to Sunday 17th Oct 2013. My new short fiction THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF MAYA SAMPATH #debuts on my #Wordpress, as a #chain of 7 #micro chapters for 7 #days. Here is the concept;

A crime drama-thriller with supernatural undertones, it is based around a mysterious murder and the investigation carried out by two Mumbai police officers.

After a whirling siren is torn off by a poltergeist force. Their suspicions are further elevated by an address neither have wrote, that provides them an unusual lead.