The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 4

unorthodox methods of investigation

“Name.” Inspector Suchdev demanded angrily. Mr Khan sat on a chair facing the suspect, gently chewing on an eclair toffee. His drooped eyes blinking softly.

A face full of boredom and annoyed at the same time. The incandescent bulb that hung over Mr Khan’s head projected dimly, it was very dark in a claustrophobic space. He was clear-minded, especially when an observation demanded strong focus. His judgement was much more clearer that way.

The nameless suspect spoke no word, no response. Both men believed in unorthodox methods of investigation, and carried no remorse when it came to interrogation. With terrifying undertones. Inspector Suchdev positioned his Beretta inches away from the suspect’s ear, and without any warning, pulled the trigger. The loud piercing sound tore into his eardrums, deafening his hearing.

A scream escaped his throat as his quickly grabbed hold of his temporarily deafened ear, for a moment. Having never heard a gun go off, it seemed like an explosion tore through his eardrums. The pain was aggressively pulsating. Inspector Suchdev placed his Beretta back into his holster, pulled out a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke. Without him demanding again for the name of the suspect, came an answer.

“Naveen Patel.” He informed, his face grew into a wrinkling wince.
“Why did you run from myself and Mr Khan?”
“This had to do with Maya… Maya Sampath.” His voice was breaking from the infliction that still continued to pulsate.
“Did you know her?”
“What were you doing at the time of the incident?”
“I saw her alone… I had no intention to hurt her.” He continued, hesitantly struggling to find words.
“I asked her if she wanted some money, she was all by herself.” He began to weep.

Mr Khan carefully watched with his dull eyes narrowed. Raising his head slightly up, it suddenly occurred to him what the suspect meant by this. A loathing expression crossed over his face.


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