The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 5

injected confession & jerked revelation

“What did you do to her?” Inspector Suchdev threw a direct question.
“I forced her into my car, she’d struggled to stay still.

By the time I tried to restrain her, her side of the door became loose… And she fell out, injured.” Mr Khan took a sharp breath. His chest was heavy-hearted. He then pressed his back teeth together on one side. Attempting to hold back his patience now.

“Is that what killed her, the fall?”
“She survived the fall. But she was bleeding, and unconscious…” He continued.
A glint of tear surfaced over Mr Khan’s eye.
“I injected something into… A drug.” His voice breaking as he struggled to confess his awfully terrifying crime. Mr Khan’s incredulous eyes were bulging as he sat up after hearing this. Both officers recalled the bruise on Maya’s arm that grew large and black from the hole, like something had been injected forcefully.

“You WHAT!” Inspector Suchdev shouted fiercely.
“I thought, what if… it seemed… like an, overdose…”
“She jerked for a few minutes, and then stopped… I dumped the body.”
“YOU DUMPED MAYA! NOT A BODY!” Mr Khan exploded, at the thought of Maya’s physical struggle attempting to hold him back, and failing miserably. Hopelessness darkening her frightening, tearing eyes. What about the time her life came to an saddening end, and her coming to know that.

“Why?” Inspector Suchdev curiously asked.
“She was very attractive, sexually… I couldn’t come to hold myself back.” He dropped his head with such shame.

Inspector Suchdev blew out the smoke from his nostrils with his head tilted down. His eyes slightly moist from hearing this. The image of her cold, pale face washed over his eyes that moment. His stomach churning with disgust. Then held the smouldering cigarette between his thumb and the tip of his index finger, like one would if holding a dart. He threw a hostile stare and drilled the burning black ash into Naveen’s ear, the top curve of the cartilage.

Naveen shouted loudly as the pulsating came like stabbing shocks of electric.


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