The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 6

poltergeist force

Mr Khan and Inspector Suchdev made their way towards the parking lot with the handcuffed suspect, his face covered with a black cloth.

Mr Khan walked steady taking his time to arrive towards the vehicle. His mind drowned by Naveen’s riveting confession. He’d felt in that instance, that pulling the trigger was possibly prefect justice to Maya. The ignition was running with Naveen sat in the back, Inspector Suchdev waited behind his open door watching Mr Khan. Maya had suddenly grew over their minds, it was very moving.

Before even Mr Khan gained closer towards the vehicle, the gear stick jolted into gear. The vehicle pulled off as it began to steer away a further distance. Inspector Suchdev’s back had rolled off the surface from the vehicle as he was leaning over it. Mr Khan grew curious as his eyes alertly followed the vehicle, and blinked after it came to a stop. Both men quickly recalled the pen that wrote by itself this instance.

Mr Khan jogged towards the vehicle as the amber siren whirled, the headlights beamed strongly and the alarm was going off loud. A baffled Inspector Suchdev aggressively pulled Naveen out from the vehicle, Naveen unaware of what had just happened. Mr Khan took a quick glance towards the now empty vehicle, investigating. No one was there. He glanced back at the inspector, his eyes squashed together for a moment, like he had seen a reflection of someone on his Ray-Bans.

When Mr Khan threw a glance towards Inspector Suchdev, Naveen was suddenly pulled or pushed back away from Inspector Suchdev’s grip. An incredulous inspector quickly pulled his Beretta out and turned it directly at Naveen, his face bristling with tension. He tried strongly to pull his hand away from Naveen, but Suchdev felt a powerful force grew over his grip, one that he couldn’t see but could only feel so potently. Like it were some kind of a poltergeist force. It felt overwhelming, as he struggled to removed his Beretta away from Naveen. Not once did he want to pull the trigger.

“DON’T PULL THE TRIGGER SUCHDEV!” Mr Khan raised his hand quickly in front of him, fingers spread wide open. Mr Khan was on the edge now. Breathing deeply and sharply.
Despite what it seemed like, Mr Khan knew that the inspector would not have taken such form of action into his hands. Nothing like this. He stared at his face, darkening by hopelessness. The inspector’s hand was shaking with extreme struggle.

“This is NOT justice!” Mr Khan enforced, indirectly, he wasn’t speaking to the inspector this time. He suddenly knew who or what it was. The reflection on Inspector Suchdev’s Ray-Bans. It was hauntingly, Maya.

Inspector Suchdev rested his finger over the trigger now. About to pull the trigger. Mr Khan took a sharp breath and quickly pulled out his Beretta and fired at the inspector. The bullet grazed the bottom surface of his hand, forcing him to drop the Beretta onto the ground.

“What do YOU WANT!” Mr Khan shouted out with curiously frustrated eyes.


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