The Mysterious Case of Maya Sampath – 7

supernaturally jolting

Mr Khan stared at his fingers as he felt his grip loosen from the Beretta, without any intention to do so. And then, it was quickly snatched away from him.

His startled, bulging eyes watched as it floated in front of him now. Suspended in thin air by the force from the poltergeist. He quickly leaned forward only for the Beretta to lunge towards him, taking aim at him. He paused, with both hands spread out in front of him, and took a deep breath. He tried to stay calm.

Enough seconds that allowed Inspector Suchdev to quickly stand behind Naveen, and attempted to grab hold of him, his face turned to a wince but he was suddenly thrust back away from him. Again from the potent force from the poltergeist. Supernaturally empowering. Hopelessly washed over their faces. There was nothing stopping it now. The black cloth over Naveen’s face blew right off, exposing his face. Naveen’s open wide eyes were overcome with disbelief as he watched the Beretta slowly floated away from Mr Khan and rotated towards him as it took aim.

A ghostly glimpse of Maya faded in and out in front of them, with the beretta held in her hand. The lights flickered from some kind of interference. Mr Khan lunged forward with his hand in front stretched far out hoping to pull or twist the Beretta away from Naveen, but he failed.

BANG! The smoke particles escaped the muzzle of the beretta. Naveen was shot on his right side of his shoulder. It was pulsating with dark thick blood gushing. Mr Khan held his breath as his incredulous watery eyes watched Naveen collapse to the ground.

Inspector Suchdev appeared by his side now, as they watched Naveen bleed onto the ground. Naveen’s frightened eyes pleaded for help, a look of fatality had grown over him now. Before the inspector called for an ambulance, Mr Khan interrupted as he held him by the wrist, softly, and paused. Mr Khan’s profound but listless eyes glanced at the inspector and then away. The inspector understood what this clearly meant. Both officers turned their backs away from Naveen.

Then a twisting sound came from behind them, it was supernaturally jolting for what they were about to witness upon turning towards Naveen. A sound like that of a slow twisting leather wallet. Naveen’s neck began to twist until his stopped breathing… Until it wasn’t facing the opposite direction. Their eyes grew to a bulge, not terrified, but from disbelief.

Mr Khan’s eyes grew teary and narrow, a solemn expression fell over his face, as he continued to stare at the now dead corpse. Inspector Suchdev slowly removed his Ray-Bans as his bulging eyes had become clouded by growing belief now. This was real, physical yet unusually surreal. Either way, justice had been served.

But how would they explain what had just happened, what their eyes had witnessed. It didn’t matter to either of them. All they felt deep down in their heart was that a young 18-yr-old female engineer graduate, Maya Sampath didn’t deserve to die such an overdosed jolting death. This is what Maya had wanted.

Both officers made their way out of the parking lot in their vehicle. Waited at the exist, as the rain washed over the windshield. The raindrops twisted and warped their image as they continued to process what had just happened back in the parking lot.


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