Hello my #dear bloggers. ðŸ˜Š

Hello, everyone. I deeply apologise that I’ve not been able to blog or publish as much on my blog. But I truly appreciate your support and friendship always.

I will inform that I have been working with a few projects, mostly short fictions, and one far larger. And so, I introduce to you my latest series of micro-chapters to The Man With The Yellow Skin. Which will release on my blog from 06-13 December 2013. #debuts on my #Wordpress, as a #chain of 8 #micro chapters for 8 #days. Below you can read about what this new concept is to project. Hope you will like this.


Dorian had lost the love of his life, Onya two weeks ago.

She’d smoked some pot and plunged off the bridge on the night of her death. Overcome with hallucinogenic euphoria. She’d drowned.

Since then, Dorian’s urge of addiction has engulfed him, and there’s a delusional being that continues to influence him, to give into the urge.

The Man With The Yellow Skin is a spiritual sequel to the experimental Pot Smokers And The Powder Effects.

Addictions quite a killer.


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