“좋아, 왼쪽 위에 주먹을 마우스 오른쪽?”
– Right fist over left, ok?
Sam demonstrated. Cecilia nodded.

“여기 그것은 간다!”
– Here it goes!

Sam and Cecilia began dancing, in-sync with their moves. It was the international phenomenon of 2012 that took the world by storm, Gangnam Style. The whole of it, the horse-riding, right hand spinning, jumping Oppa moves. Both Sam and Cecilia even wore a designed t-shirt of the CD cover.

After having listened to the world-wide sensational music video, Gangnam Style by South Korean musician PSY. And even danced to the K-Pop single, exceeded 1 billion hits on YouTube, what came next?

. . .

Sam had an idea to follow this up with some Harlem Shake. Cecilia had never heard the original version, but liked the 30 seconds Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ #Supernatural version that paid a homage to the viral sensation. #SupernaturalShake. It was an instant favourite.

At first, Cecilia went dancing to the music track played on her iPod, with headphone jack removed, on loudspeakers. All three versions of the Samternates stood paused. Cecilia continued, and within a few seconds, the Samternates joined her. Along with Sam. Replicating the same concept as the original. This time, Cecilia was actually recording her comic humour dancing version of the same song. And she wandered whether to upload it to her YouTube channel, and even if she did, she felt it would be an instant viral sensation.

Cecilia knew that someday, maybe someday she’d upload it and enjoy the many LIKE and SHARE button hits to social networks such as Facebook. Tweeted and retweeted on Twitter.

만약 1 억 조회 수에 도달?
– What if it reached 1 billion hits?…

Probably not, she winked away the thought. She felt this was quite a thing a teenager would be enjoying. At 26, it wasn’t her kind of thing. But it made her feel good despite so.

“그건… 아주 좋은 샘.” Cecilia smiled.
– That was… Quite nice, Sam.

“모든 데이빗 보위?” Sam was curious
– Do you do any David Bowie?

“아, 당신은 데이빗 보위 팬… 샘 싶은 것?”
– Ah, you’re a David Bowie fan… What would Sam like?

. . .

And she was singing through a microphone. She took it slowly and calmly. A little hesitant because she had never song to anything, only hummed out lyrics. And she began to get into the mood of the music track.

기차 도착 했다/ Potzdamer 광장에서/
당신은 몰 랐 어/ 내가 할 수 있는

Had to get the train/ From Potzdamer platz/
You never knew that/ That I could do that

Sam requested Cecilia to sing, yes! Apply her vocals to Art-Rock icon David Bowies 66th Birthday announced, 24th studio album, The Next Day. Her Korean cover version of the title track. Her earlier favourite being, #TheManWhoSoldTheWorld, the title track. Sam was recording and also proving instrumental background score. It was also being recorded on Cecilia’s iPad, via GarageBand. She could upload this version to YouTube too.

Sam recalled viewing a cover version of “Tik Tok” by K-Pop singer, 김여희 — Kim Yeo-Hee (a.k.a Applegirl) on YouTube. #Ke$ha song. She had created the music/Vlog on GarageBand using both an iPhone and iPad 2.



I’ve Been Writing…


Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything on here, hasn’t it?! My apologies. I don’t suppose saying that I’ve been busy writing elsewhere will provide a sufficient excuse at this point…but it’s all I’ve got. I’ve been writing.

What have I been writing? I’m glad you asked!

Back while I was writing DRIVE I had this idea creep in on me about a modern day pirate princess. I was super excited by the idea…much like another idea I had about a woman who works with an underground rescue group helping women and children escape domestic abuse, but I digress because SALTY won out… for now…Téa’s story will follow shortly. So, I’ve taken on the fun and exciting task of writing about pirate life…which has been interesting to say the least since I know squat about boats, but I’m learning (thank you Google!!)

And because I like to…

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The Man with the Yellow Skin – 8, ONYA, SOLACE, & REDEMPTION

Dorian’s eyes were still blurry, but he continued to blink forcefully until he could see her clearly. And there she was, afloat in front of him. Shimmering.

He tried to spoke, but his lips were concrete stone.

She draw closer towards him, and with a soft touch of her palm over his cheek, the same shimmer began to project from Dorian too. Transferring supernatural energy. He began to un-stone.

It was like purging him clean from the depths of his addiction. The stone began to burn away to particles, like it were an outer skin within which Dorian had been cocooned inside. Along with the yellow spray painted that covered his skin, it turned the water around him yellow. It continued to purge him until Dorian was back to being himself.

His brows almost squashed together in dishearten as he slowly moved his hand towards Onya, but watched as she faded away with a smile.

When he was completely free from this power, he blew out from his mouth bubbles of yellow smoke like it were a supernatural infection that had engulfed him from within since her death. Now cleansing his inner self from the addiction.

He swam out for oxygen. The whole of yellow-ness was gone, even the red spray on his face had washed away too.

Dorian let his body float to the top, laying on his back. Eyes closed. He thought of her, when a smile finally declared his redemption. Onya had saved him. He thought of her words and let his body seal along with the tides, when she played her guitar, the sounds of which he could reminisce and hum. When she sang, she sounded so much like Agnes Obel, especially when she sang DORIAN.

We’re like ATOMS / tethered to form a DNA strand
And here we were / sharing minds sequences
We were hallucinogenic

The Man with the Yellow Skin – 7, JARRED EYES, FADING ADDICTION

Dorian thought of her. Again, and again. The only part of his body that hadn’t turned to stone were his eyes. The strange-looking eyes darted everywhere slowly. The glowing smoke emitted before was absent.

He hadn’t sank, but remained afloat even as he turned to stone, and still visible in the fluorescent. Just when Can, the delusional being, pot-smoker felt the urge of addiction had almost defeated Dorian, there came a whisper. It’s intimidating eyes were a bulge. Dorian heard it too. Darting his eyes everywhere as tears rushed and blended with the sea water, until it was undistinguishable. His heart felt an instant jolt of hope. His sight grew blurry, but the fireflies were shimmering far more potently than before. She called out to him.

“Open your eyes… And wake up…”

“Dorian, it’ll take the last breath out of you…”

Can began to project in front of Dorian, when it was about to divert him away from the whispers. But, Dorian had instantly blocked his mind, caused Can’s body to dissolve. Fade away like smoke. The urge of addiction was in fact dying now. Can’s frighteningly jarred eyes began to dissolve away.

Through the fade, he saw her project slowly.

The Man with the Yellow Skin – 6, TURNED TO STONE

The velocity of the vehicle was strong as it dove off the bridge, directly for the sea. Crashing against the sea surface. Plunge… slowly the vehicle continued to dove deeper into the heart of the dark sea, until it was visible in the fluorescent no more. The head lights still beaming all the way down. The florescence was infinite.

Dorian was afloat within the water, with his breath held. He mind was blank without any thoughts, he let the calm sensation of the water soothe his emotions.

“Losing her weren’t change the equation.” Can whispered, a voice that patiently concealed both intimidation and frustration.

“Dorian… You’re too late to change any of it.”

Dorian continued to ignore what Can’s words had to project, like he were meditating. His eyes continued to beam potently with yellow smoke, like a flare signal. Soon, he began to turn to stone, the whole of him. Not once could he feel this change, as his body converted to such form. He was stoned, literally.

“Addictions quite a killer.” Can was cunning.

The Man with the Yellow Skin 5, FINDING SOLACE

Orange scintillating illuminance shone brightly in the sea, why wouldn’t it, Dorian had thrown jars of florescent fireflies into the sea. He’d stood staring at them sat over the edge of the bridge legs hanging down, smoking some weed. A long stretch of smoke clouds drifted from exhale. The red spray around his eyes had smeared down over his yellow painted section of his face. Blended with darker colour like it were a spread out bruise, from the tears.

He was at the exact location where she had plunged to her death off the same bridge, suffocated and drowned. Two weeks from now, the night she had been under the influence of the weed. Smoking the pot, sat over the edge when she felt her mind whirl and fell off. She drowned. And then was afloat onto the surface, after she was dead.

His eyes were now glowing yellow with smoky-like particles emitting. The urge of addiction began to grow over him. Can’s faint but distorted whispers were about to call out to him, but his firm thoughts of her were far to potent, Can couldn’t penetrate through his mind. Even with such extreme force.

Dorian sat into his vehicle, his fingers rested over the keys, and with a twist, the ignition switched on. He drove off.

The Man with the Yellow Skin – 4, DISORIENTED MELANCHOLIA

He stood in front of the mirror, with the section over his eyes now sprayed in red with a spray can, the kind used to graffiti walls. The red which was like the size of a duct tape strip. Eyes closed. He’d felt so blind without her, Onya was her name. The feeling was extremely overwhelming. Morbidly melancholic.

He then stared at the red spray in the mirror. It enforced a potent sense of guilt. One he felt burning over his heart.

Tears grew to a brim, about to pour down his face. When they do, they would become stained in red from the spray strip around his eyes.

The Man with the Yellow Skin – 3, YELLOW-EYED CAT

He sat drinking a bottle of Budweiser and watching TV, which he really wasn’t, whilst a black cat stared at him. A strange cat with yellow glowing eyes, sat beside the TV. Fixated with smoke like floating particles from its eyes. It made him think of the cannabis. But he wasn’t in the mood for any this time round.

He was drowned by her thoughts again like a binge-drunk alcoholic. A whirling sensation churned in his stomach. Life was so miserable without her.

“Feed the urge… Smoke the pot…”

His tearing eyes stared at the cat, as it spoke from its mind. Like telepathy. Can, you’re such a bastard. He threw the Budweiser directly at the cat, and watched as it warped into it and out from it, pass through with distortion. And broke as the alcohol sprayed the floor. Knowing it was a delusion. The cat threw a hostile stare and then stepped away from the TV, down onto the floor. Walked away.

Video Poem: The New Me

This is #beautiful! As always my #dear friend. God bless you always. You are #wonderful! 😊👍


Which Way Now?

Vision Wall

You deserve the best in life, you deserve to have everything you have ever wanted and I definitely believe that is so possible.  This next poem below was created by me after I completed my Vision Wall, way back in 2012.  If you want to know more about how to create your very own Vision Wall to empower you to make positive changes in your life, then please click on this link: http://clarabelle.org/personal-development/vision-wall/

The New Me

I can honestly the words in this poem “The New Me” definitely ring true for me and I am happy to say that I feel that I am “The New Me” – not a different person but just more of who I really am…..I suppose you could say I have come home.  I do hope you enjoy it and thinking ahead to the New Year, creating your very own Vision Wall might…

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