The Man with the Yellow Skin – 3, YELLOW-EYED CAT

He sat drinking a bottle of Budweiser and watching TV, which he really wasn’t, whilst a black cat stared at him. A strange cat with yellow glowing eyes, sat beside the TV. Fixated with smoke like floating particles from its eyes. It made him think of the cannabis. But he wasn’t in the mood for any this time round.

He was drowned by her thoughts again like a binge-drunk alcoholic. A whirling sensation churned in his stomach. Life was so miserable without her.

“Feed the urge… Smoke the pot…”

His tearing eyes stared at the cat, as it spoke from its mind. Like telepathy. Can, you’re such a bastard. He threw the Budweiser directly at the cat, and watched as it warped into it and out from it, pass through with distortion. And broke as the alcohol sprayed the floor. Knowing it was a delusion. The cat threw a hostile stare and then stepped away from the TV, down onto the floor. Walked away.


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