The Man with the Yellow Skin 5, FINDING SOLACE

Orange scintillating illuminance shone brightly in the sea, why wouldn’t it, Dorian had thrown jars of florescent fireflies into the sea. He’d stood staring at them sat over the edge of the bridge legs hanging down, smoking some weed. A long stretch of smoke clouds drifted from exhale. The red spray around his eyes had smeared down over his yellow painted section of his face. Blended with darker colour like it were a spread out bruise, from the tears.

He was at the exact location where she had plunged to her death off the same bridge, suffocated and drowned. Two weeks from now, the night she had been under the influence of the weed. Smoking the pot, sat over the edge when she felt her mind whirl and fell off. She drowned. And then was afloat onto the surface, after she was dead.

His eyes were now glowing yellow with smoky-like particles emitting. The urge of addiction began to grow over him. Can’s faint but distorted whispers were about to call out to him, but his firm thoughts of her were far to potent, Can couldn’t penetrate through his mind. Even with such extreme force.

Dorian sat into his vehicle, his fingers rested over the keys, and with a twist, the ignition switched on. He drove off.


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